Tuesday 24 May 2011

A Brilliant day for GOOD news :)

My sister types it out so perfectly /\   she has all the latest!

The children at school are utter ratbags at the minute!

We had a visit from a magistrate today to do a workshop with them to explain how it all works and I guess to act as a deterrant! They had the children perform out a play where they acted out and read from a script just how it would go in a court!
EC sat on the sidelines. The other children were given the job of either the court artist ( As cameras are not allowed in British Courts) or a newspaper reporter. EC was a reporter. After twenty minutes or so I went to see how he was getting on.

He'd made a small notebook out of lined paper and was furiously writing away. I was impresssed. He said he needs a camera around his neck for outside the court and a jacket, hat and dictaphone. I asked him why he needed these things but he gave me such a look of utter disdain I almost flinched!!!

So I took a look at what he had written. I could not believe my eyes. Random words, all in capitals, no spaces inbetween.

It was actually quite chilling. WICKEDTEACHERGODISLOVEINSPIRATIONIDONTWANTTOIDONTWANTTO and other such ramblings. I have kept this in his file with his observations.
I also asked him why had he not done as he asked. He said I am just PRETENDING to be a newspaper reporter. Sigh. Silly me. Turns out he seriously thought we were rehearsing our end of term Y6  production !!!!
 A play where someone has committed a serious crime and gets sent to prison!

42 days is all I have to spend with this lot. TFFT!!!!!

I have had my hair cut. Quite short to how it normally is. The girls all made a fuss. ( This class isn't actually full on and harrowing ALL the time - we do have minutes of normality) O you look pretty etc...EC said WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR HAIR. I ignored him! God I have to remind myself that I do love my job!

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  1. See - told you kids are scary little things belched from the bowels of the underworld, or am I just over reacting a tad?
    Great news about Harry and your sister writes in a similar way to your good self, not sure that's good or not ;o) .
    All the best,


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