Monday, 18 May 2015

Yes! It's ANOTHER post!

I'm just churning them out these days! Enjoy them whilst they last! I'd just like to also say how much I'm enjoying reading your replies to my post - thank you xxx

Now I'm annoyed... It's now Monday morning.... I hit publish last night as I wrote this on Sunday for crying out loud! But publishing failed so I discovered this morning. Harrumph. 

Thought I'd show you my peonies. They are anywhere betwixt 50 and 120 years old. You know I only grow blue and purple flowers in my garden but I allow these to stay because they belonged to to HG's Great Grandma. 
I've had a go at looking up which variety they are. But quickly gave up! There's thousands! This one always opens first. It blooms beautifully for about a day. This is because year after year without fail, the peony blooms then we get torrential downpours and hurricane rains which promptly batter and destroy them. 
Next to open will be this double headed Red one. It looks red in bud but I'm sure it's pinker in flower. I'll show you when it opens. 
And finally, the third peony is a super big heavy fluffy pale pink almost white petaled flower. I need to stake this one as the stems grow tall. If you look closely, there are ants on the buds. They appear all over the buds from nowhere then disappear again once the plant is in full bloom. The ants don't seem to do any damage. 

Finally flowerwise, here's one of the ancient bluebells,
a teeny blue flower I planted last year
and my rather disappointing 'blue ' tulip.
Although people have stopped to admire them. 
I'm sorry I have no leafy rabbit photos but weather and hospital visiting stopped play. 

Here's a photo of the oddly knitted cardigan I'm on with. 
I'm forging ahead with this pattern even though I'm totally unsure of how it's going to turn out! Im also worried I'm going to run out of this wool!! 

I've a busy week at work coming up. But on Friday its HALF TERM ! Hooray! 

Have you any 'heirloom' plants in your garden? 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *no yellow flowers* Radiostar xxx


  1. My peony was in my mums garden, I'm almost 60, and can always remember it in the corner of the front garden. They moved to the house when mum was pregnant with me.

    1. Whenever I go past my Nanna's old bungalow, I always look and say - they are my Grandad's roses. I wish I'd brought them to my house after my Nanna had to give up her bungalow x

  2. Love peonies m'dear and your photos are lovely. Funny you mentioned the tulip as two year ago a bought some 'black' uns, well very, very dark purple ones and last year in their pot they flowered just like their package picture... this year the same as your picture!
    I have one heirloom plant which is a rose cutting taken of a rose that was my great granddad's. I'm hoping it survives as it has the most gorgeous scent.
    Oh and why no yellow m'dear?

    1. These were supposed to be black tulips John. I'm wondering if the soil was lacking. I've held the no colour other than blue/purple flowers rule for ever! I just like the variety and the effect. I will allow pink if I like the flower - not that I'm odd in any way shape or form!

  3. I have to say, the peony in the first pic has a middle that looks like a pair of boobies! They are some of my fave flowers too. Garden looking good Mrs No Yellow Flowers xx

  4. Your flowers are beautiful. My maternal grandma bought a holly bush for my mum and dad when they mover into their house 48 years ago. It's still growing strong. My mum bought us a Jasmine plant about 11 years ago. I think a tradition has started and when L has her forever home I will have to buy her a plant or bush.

  5. No flowery heirlooms here, but I do have yellow flowers - they're my favourite colour - slinks off quietly. xx

    1. Someone has to love the yellow flowers! Come back!!!

  6. I do have a floral heirloom in the garden. It's a rose bush that was planted around about the time my house was built. I'm not allowed to touch it of course, my neighbour prunes it when he prunes his. Of course his is of a similar vintage x

  7. I think it's great to have ancient things growing!

  8. Your Peonies look fabulous, my Peonies are just on the point of opening, now if only the sun would come out! I wish I had some plants belonging to the family, I asked my uncle the other week if I may have some of the Lilly of the Valley that I always remember growing at my grandfathers house, but my uncle informed me he dug them up and threw them away 5 years ago.



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