Saturday 16 May 2015

Baking Cupboard of shame

How do folks! Happy Saturday! 

I've been out to a vair posh garden centre emporium today and mentally spent £43000 on plants, trees, statues and a new companion seat; I'm now saving up for said seat.  I want it. 

I did actually keep the localish economy afloat by buying a wee little wire mesh cage in the shape of a bunny. I'm going to try my hand at a bit more topiary! I say a bit more. My bay tree I did by myself - it's a huge ball standard now. We got it when the uni one was still in the pram. It was barely as tall as a Sindy doll.  I pulled all the lower branches off systematically till I was satisfied! A similar sized one today was on sale for FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS! I should sell it - then I could afford the new seat!! However, where would next doors effing cat hide when it's stalking my garden pet birds? 
Well HA! I have thought of a solution. I have a holly tree which I will prune and then staple the prunings to the top of my fence where it jumps up into the tree from. I don't think the sparrows will mind.

 So the baking cupboard of shame. I keep my dried food stuffs in here. I tidied it out properly at Christmas but since then I've shoved stuff in willy nilly. I've this double cupboard for drieds. A double wall cupboard for my cake things and two more base doubles where I keep my baking tins. I've so much stuff I've accumulated through the years but it's all tidied away and I've no plans to get rid! 
But before.... Note the floor - I dropped a bag of bread crusts meant for the freezer and they went everywhere! 
And after - fully emptied and wiped out 
I can now see where everything is! That stainless bowl is new and I've not found it a permanent home yet. It doesn't stack neatly in my crockery bowls! 
My favourite thing though is this spice rack we bought from Amazon and the HG screwed it into the cupboard door. I'm a bit addicted to sprinkles. Or the buying of!  I keep my flavourings and other cakey bits n bobs here too! 

What you having for tea? We are having 
Chicken curry served with chips which will be made in the Actifry my BOSS lent me to try before I buy. WHAT IF I BREAK IT?!!! Keep your fingers crossed it survives! I didn't ask my boss to borrow it. We were simply chatting about kitchen gadgets and the Actifry came up. The next day she found me and told me she'd brought it in!! 

It's lovely and sunny here today. Hoping for warm sun tomorrow for my rabbity trimming antics! Before and after photos will be taken!! 

Love from

Rachel *scissor hands* Radiostar
Tea photos! 
CHIPS HAPPENING! - they were delicious. Think I may invest! I'd not buy oven chips ever again. 
One of the best Coconut Chicken Curries I've ever made. Utterly Scrumdiddlyumptuous! 
Quick recipe 
I used half a jar of SAINSBURY's Thai red curry paste. 
I sizzled this in a spoon of hot oil for two
Minutes. Added a tin of full fat coconut milk ( so slightly deviating away from the Hairy Bikers' Dieters' recipe I normally use ) then added two chopped chicken breasts, then a sliced onion and pepper is fried earlier and simmered for ten mi Utes. I added a good glug of fish sauce ( napalm I calls it - though I think that's an explosive?!! ) and a handful of torn coriander leaves before serving. Yum yum! 


  1. We had a prawn and rice noodle stir fry, which hubby made and was lovely, daughter is gluten free so we all try and eat the same. My store cupboard I have cut right back and only keep in things we regularly use, so nothing lingers at the back and goes out of date before we can use it.

    1. I will own up to throwing a bag of pasta flour away and an ancient box of dried peas that felt damp! I don't buy as much these days.

  2. Looks like you might be keeping Dr Oetkers afloat too :-) Good luck with the rabbit clipping - mind the ears!

  3. I only buy them when on offer!

  4. We don't have vair vair posh anything here in Ruralness,they probably wouldn't let me in yours.
    Dinner? Chickpea loaf,baked potato and veg of some description.
    I've never heard of chips in the actiwotsit...I've never actually heard of the actiwotsit.
    Jane x

  5. Cheese on toast for moi this evening, and that's the last of the cheese in this house for sometime, bugger! Like the recipe and may well try it soon. Good luck with Bugs Bushey m'dear.

    1. Still in the box as the weather is shocking!

  6. My baking cupboard used to be like yours, then I had a wake up call and whittled it down gradually. As I used up things I did not replace them, once all the flim flam was gone I made a list of things that I really needed and have whittled it down further. I no linger put frosting of any sort on cakes, I figured that by leaving it off I could eat more cake for the same calories. The one exception is lemon drizzle, I just use less sugar and prefer it. I also whittled the baking tins down, I realised that, just like clothes, I used 20% of my tins for 80% of my baking.. To my shame I had 15 mixing bowls, I now have 3 and that is plenty. My next purge will be on kitchen cutlery, I have spoons, 4 of them are slotted, and only use 2 most of the time. Oh dear, I have almost written a book here. Like John, cheese is off the radar for a while, I made fridge bottom pizza last night as a treat and used the last scraps.

    1. Hi Pam, I am only buying things I need. I do keep cereal and other bits and bats in there too. There's all my dried fruit and beans and pearl barley and rice too! As for cake - I must admit I'd must rather eat the frosting and leave the cake!
      I've some Lancashire Creamy mild cheese in and it's destined to be the filling in some burgers as a mid week treat!

  7. I have a cupboard like yours but it still looks like the before picture not the after. Every so often I get the urge to clear it out and sort everything especially when I can't find something but the urge doesn't last long :-)

  8. Oh my goodness, teacher, domestic goddess and spotless cupboards! I just want to be like you Rachel (sighs longingly)

  9. Sadly I also have kitchen cupboards of shame that I should really clear and wipe out but I don't actually like any work that involves bending my back or kneeling down! I love the spice rack on the inside of your door. Might have to pinch that idea. That curry looks delicious. I love anything coconutty. xx


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