Thursday 7 May 2015

I should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky!

Well hello lovely folk of Blogland, I'm writing this from my sickbed. Thanks to the germ ridden beings I spend my day with, I picked up the sickness bug that is doing the rounds. Yesterday was worse, today I don't feel as mangled - Yanno, put through the ringer! I've been catching up with those on my list and was inspired today to write about how lucky I am! Inspired by my gorgeous friend Tracey who writes Here considering what her old friends have achieved and comparing it to her.

Well, a bit of a revelation here.
I shot the sherrif, but I DID NOT shoot the Deputy!
If you know the tune, sing my next line!
I went to Grammar,  but I DID NOT go to University.

Yes, that's right. I think I was one of only five gals who were probably outcast level to our teachers!
 There was a definite higherarchy.
1. Gals going off to Oxbridge - Creme de la Creme
2. Gals going off to Uni - accepted
3. Gals going off to Polytechnic - sniffed at
4. Gals going off to Teacher Training - ignored
5. Gals going out to work - reviled
6. Gals who failed their A Levels - exiled!!!

So there you go, I was ignored, then exiled!

I applied to Teacher Training and was accepted at all three establishments. ( You only chose three in the black and white days )  Cheltenham Ladies College, ( I WAS NEVER GOING TO GO THERE! )
Newman College Birmingham ( NOPE, NOT THERE EITHER!) and finally the now extinct North Riding College in Filey. It was a wonderfully warm and accepting small establishment. My Dad drove me over, my Mum had spent her week's wages on a smart Marks and Spencer's navy blue suit for me to wear at my interview days. I impressed the Dean. My offer was E E
That's right! I only had to get two points at A Level to get in!!
I got more than two points; I got ten points. But that was only in one A Level. (Domestic Science - which isn't just cooking !! )
Sadly for me, ( but was it - the thought of leaving home had me in free fall ) the rules were you had to have two A Levels. I failed General Studies. ( I FAILED GENERAL STUDIES!!! Thus makes me laugh now! ) and I failed Biology and French! FAILURE.

What an utter failure. 

I still have the beautifully hand written letter from the Dean telling me to not give up, and that he was holding my place for the following year, that I hadn't to give up as it was clear I was a naturally talented Teacher and I just needed to pass my Biology A Level. If I could find it I'd show you!

But, a year at Night School proved a waste of time. I improved from a U to an N!!
I think the question on Genetics was what I failed on! It was too mathsy, for a gal who had to resit her Maths O Level.


I'm sounding TAPS* here I think!

Anyway, stuff happens for a reason. I'm in touch with lots of the girls, I went to Grammar with. I do think the ones who went away have more money than me. But so what?! I'm actually not envious of any of them. There is nothing they have that I don't already. None of them look down on me ( I don't think ) for not having a degree, I certainly don't look up at them!

If I am in the mood for some deliberating comparisons, I look to the rich n famous! But actually, it is quite sad and turns into an ungloat.
It's all about needs and wants innit?

Me v Kylie
We are roughly the same age give or take a few.
I loved Neighbours
She was in Neighbours.
There the similarities well and truly end.
I might be lamenting the size of my arse.
Oh, to have a bum like Kylie's in those gold shorts.

But although I like Kylie, I wouldn't swap my life for hers, just for a peachy bottom. She was being interviewed on a chat show a while back.
She was saying how she just wanted to meet someone nice and not be single. I think due to her treatment for Breast Cancer she's unable to naturally have children and at her age, she's pushing it a bit. She came alive when she was discussing her sister's boys and my heart actually went out to her a lot. I started pitying  Kylie! She was laughy and charming but I reckon on the inside she cries a lot. 

What have I got to be lucky about?
I've still got my original HG. 23 years this December. We have two gloriously brought up ( hehehe ) offspring. We have a roof over our heads. We both work and are mostly well enough to do so. We do what we like and we like what we do! 

Yes, I do the lottery. Money would make life easier for sure. But would it improve my actual needs? Nope! 

What else do I need?

I need to show you my latest knitting! It's a new pattern where you knit the sleeves in with the front and backs! You should know how I hate knitting sleeves so I should enjoy this knit! There's no recipient in mind so far. I have so so so so much wool, that I think I'm going to knit little baby things and have a go at selling them on the old Bay of E!
This is a simple pattern so won't take long. It's supposed to be in DK but I went for chunky!
Hopefully I'll have more to show you next post! 

It's on a stitch holder here so you can't really see the sleeve, but it's ever so 90s batwingesque!! 

Ok, here's my question to you. 
Whose celebrity bottom would you like?? 

Love from
Rachel *might be a failure but definitely not needy* Radiostar 

*Thick As Pig Shit


  1. I don't mind my bottom but given a choice I would plump (he he) for Felicity Kendal when she was playing Barbara Good. I think that she was voted "rear of the year" on more than one occasion. I agree with your thoughts on Kylie, I once made a birthday cake for a work colleague of those shorts, he was over the moon, luckily his wife was on a day off. It matters not what your academic progress was, every thing is part of what made you as you are today. I am as happy in my skin as you are in yours.

    1. Felicity DID have a sumptuous derrière didn't she! Thank you for being my 77th Follower!! All the 7s must mean you ARE lucky lucky lucky!!

  2. I went to a Grammar too but - shock horror left at 16 - you were not supposed to do that if you got 6 O levels. I don't regret it at all. And I'll stick with my own bum thanks - any one elses would look silly on this old body!

    1. Too true! I bet Kylie's bum isn't as comfy as mine!

  3. I have to agree with Pam I think it would have to be Ms Kendal for me too (especially as D always had a thing about her). We are what we are at the end of the day and I do think from the moment we take our first breaths that our life is mapped out but with choices along the way and sometimes we take the right turn and sometimes we don't.

    1. I agree Mitzi, there was a reason for me to faff about in sixth form!!

  4. I left when I failed my Mick English, hasn't stopped me I got to the top in my company and stayed there two years, so now it all about the simply life, gave up on the rat race a few years ago. As for bums and bodies, I love mine, it's not perfect has loads of life scars, but it will do me for the years ahead.

    1. I used to dead getting older - now I'm loving it! There's so much pressure on youngsters these days. We only get one life ( and bum,) so let's enjoy them whilst we can!

  5. Sorry to hear you're sick again. You aren't a failure at all, Rachel since you have a great job and family...that's more than most have these days. And I agree, we never know what's going on behind the scenes in the lives of some of the rich and famous. For all the down days I have I certainly wouldn't swap for being in the limelight no matter how much money I earned. Thinking about this has made me count my blessings which are many...hubby of 30 years (35 years together), 5 wonderful, healthy kids who I still get on with extremely well and who have never been in trouble with the police, a home that might be run down but that I can afford to pay for, and enough money to put food on the table every day. Just that should be enough blessings without all the extras. Hope you feel better soon, love Helen xx

  6. You need anothercategory up there
    "Grammar school girls who *whispering* joined the forces after A levels,THEN went to Poly afterwards. The school peeps wanted me to be an R.E teacher. So proud to have brought so much shame to the school!!
    As for a bum...I had a nice one but it divorced me when I hit 50.
    Jane x

    1. LOL I'm now wondering who got custody of your bum!

  7. Hello there! Loved your post and I see you are a midwife, that's got to be one of the most rewarding careers out there. I had my education all mapped out, O'levels, A'levels, Uni, Teacher. Then we moved down south with Dad's job with just 6 weeks left of what was then Year 4 of secondary. I hated the new school, everybody already had their groups of friends and I never did fit in being from Up North. I couldn't wait to leave after the exams and I ended up in a secretarial college, which actually led on to some really good, well paid jobs. I think to a certain extent our lives are all in the laps of the Gods. xx

    1. Hey Number 38 n welcome! I wish I was a midwife! I did it twice as birthing partner for my sister.

  8. I love you've still got your 'original' HG, and not a replacement. I replaced mine 8 years ago after the first one wore out. I have to say the newer (although technically older -work that one out) model is a million trillion zillion times better than the first :o)

    Wouldn't want Kylie's bum or those golden shorts and I also wouldn't change my existence for anyone's either. Reckon we make what we've got into what it is.

    Feel better soon XXXX

    PS- I think A Levels were definitely harder in our day!

    1. CT I THNK EVERYTHING was harder in our day!!!

  9. I didn't go to a grammar school I went to a Secondary Modern. I didn't do too badly I got 7 CSE's and then went onto college and gained some City and Guilds. Like the pattern on the new knit.

    1. Cheers Carol! I'm hoping I get through it with few mstakes


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