Sunday 3 May 2015

I was on the radio yesterday....

Firstly folks, let me say a great big hello to Sue who us my 75th Follower!! Ta daaaa! Sadly, I have no prize to give away for this momentous event. Just a big fat happy smile of welcome!
( Too much? I don't want to frighten her away! )

Well, Saturday was a grizzly day so no gardening was planned. Instead, the Mother Hubbardesque cupboards and fridge dictated that we go shopping. We needed to go to the post Offce first to send off the Uni one#2's Student Finance Declarations, return a parcel, buy a fishing license, some birthday cards and some stamps. We went in the HG's work van. He waited in the van. I got chatting to the Post Office lady about how her daughter, her precious firstborn, was off to Uni in Sept to the same place as my precious firstborn daughter! So she was really happy to be reassured about what a wonderful place it was. How safe it felt so I was willing to leave her there! I cannot believe it's three years since I was posting about her going! Speaking of the Uni one...I'm going to digress here.
Last week, I had a message from my daughter, the one that every Uni Parent  must dread.
"Can you proof read my dissertation for me?"
I did what any respectable UP would. I firstly lamented on Twitter then I contacted a lovely friend of mine who is super smart and clever! She read it and enclosed three pages of slight improvements to the grammar and clause structure without hesitation. So I'm going to treat her to afternoon tea as a big thank you. The Uni one's dissertation is not an enjoyable read really. She's written about the treatment of the Gypsies in the Holocaust. She is having vivid nightmares about the Nazis and is looking forward to the end of her exams.
She, like us, cannot believe how fast these three years have zoomed by. But there are plans afoot to travel the world. These plans are currently being funded by fresh air! Watch this space....

Anyway, back from my digression....

We eventually left the Post Office, drove to the Seaside and parked up in a little side street. I was locked in the van ( for my own safety! ) and the HG skipped off gaily to his favourite shop in the area. The Fishing Tackle Shop. It's recently upgraded and moved to MAHOOSIVE premises. This shop has absolutely no qualms about stealing the inheritance out of my children's arms!

I was fine. I rang a few people for nice chats. I tweeted. I nosied on Facebook. I played all my lives on Candy Crush. I had the radio on. BBC Radio 2 . Pick of the Pops. Two great singalong years. I noticed a tweet off Radio 2 so I replied!


Tony said
"Hello to Rachel who is waiting for her other half to come out of the fishing tackle shop. I expect she'll *hook* up with him later!!! "


It made my day!!

One hour and four minutes I was in that Van! One whole hour and four ever lasting minutes.  The HG came back and declared he'd forgotten I was there! Charming!

We then trundled off to Lidl. £87 pounds later ( I TOLD you my cupboards were bare! ) ( and maybe a large bar of caramel Ritter Sport chocolate not intended for the cupboard ) we dropped in to see the HG's mum. We saw an old plane on a fly past - just look at the hideously grey sky! I think it's a Dakota. 
 On the way home we stopped at my favourite posh shop for a few bits. Brown shrimps included. Yum yum. Those few bits were really essentials and not payday extravagancy luxuries at all. No. Way.
Besides, I'm keeping the economy afloat.

The rest of the day was deliciously lazy! Cottage Pie for tea. And a hope for some sunshine  and gardening on Bank Holiday Monday! 

Hope yours is great! 

Love from
Rachel *bank holiday face* Radiostar xxx


  1. Oh wow, fame at last. Don't let it go to your head will you! I've had my fair share of 'waiting a long time in cars' for my DH when he was on the road visiting clients. It was quite relaxing really, reading and whiling away the time. The only downfall was the lack of a loo!

    1. My feet are quite firmly on the ground! No worries on that front!

  2. Tony Blackburn?! That's a blast from the past for me. Did he do 'our tune' or was that Simon Bates?
    Jane x

    1. Simon Bates STILL does Our Tune!! You could prolly listen via the inter webs!

  3. Oh how exciting being on Radio, one of my kids made it on over the Easter holidays, he was surfing the river with a friend, the radio station wanted people to call in with what they were doing on the day where Cornwall was hotter than Greece and they got a mention. Not as individual as yours though, sounds a lovely day all round.

    1. Ve chatted on our local radio a few times and sounded like a complete and utter nutter!

  4. I'm glad our local fishing shop is only small. Our Saturday was spent in Manchester - Art gallery and hospital.

  5. I thnk this is more of an emporium!

  6. Do we have to call you 'her maj' or some such, seen as you're now famous and all? I think you deserved a Tony B joke after waiting for A WHOLE HOUR!!!!! I didn't know a grey sky was called a Dakota..... :o) xx

  7. How lovely, clever you I can't get the hang of twitter. I love radio two and the afternoon play on radio 4, I even have a little personal radio that i plug myself into while doing the gardening. Far too windy today in Essex to crack on with the garden so I'm just being lay on my day off. Shhhhhh!

  8. HAHA that made me giggle. Great post. :)

    Nipping over from #BlogsRus


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