Tuesday 26 May 2015

Who'da thunk it?

Thunk what? I hear you say... 

Tweets about my Birdie Pegs got Lakeland tweeting me about asking their buyers to look into getting some more!!! How vair exciting!! Top notch customer service there! 

@LakelandUK: @rachelradiostar Thanks for the suggestion Rachel, we'll pass on your request to bring back the Birdie Pegs to our buyers.


So you'll all be pleased to know that a new washing line is in place! 
Today is an excellent drying day. Two loads out n dried! Here you can see my towels pegged at the edge up in the stratosphere I talked about last post! That's nextdoor's shed on my wall - my side is painted blue! ( of course! ) 
Because of the angle you can't see that my pole is blue!! 

Cardigan is done! 
From this...
To this...

I'm really pleased how it turned out considering it was a DK pattern but I used a really chunky wool - origins unknown - just some of my stash! It was supposed to be my first knit of many I planned to make n sell on the bay of E and the Tree of Gum! However, there's a Mum who comes to Night Owls who is expecting a little girl and I like her so she's getting this knit foisted upon her! 

I've got my next knit planned, a very lacy matinee coat for a girl. Just need to go find some wool from the stash upstairs!! 

The Uni one has just text me to say she's just set off home. Her lovely young man has squished most of her belongings into his little mini and is bringing her home. It really does not seem three minutes let alone three years since my dining room table disappeared under piles and piles of stuff, collected ready for her to go to Newcastle.  Lord knows where we are going to put it all!! Especially as her brother has since declared that he's really after an apprenticeship in the world of finance rather than going to the Uni place he already unconditionally holds! Meaning he will have no need of some of the stuff she's bringing back! 
He's lucky really because he has his place already, no matter what! He really does not want to get himself into debt and was really really wobbly at the thought of going away. This suits my apron strings down to the ground! 
Actually, I'm not bothered what he does ( within reason ) as long as he's happy.

But it would seem that for the time being my little house will be bursting at the seams with everyone who belongs in it!  
I know it really won't be forever so I intend to bask in mumdom for as long as I can! She really is a treasure too as I'll come home from work to see all the jobs done and a meal prepared. 

I realise I paint quite the idyllic picture here! Reality is she's one stroppy mare when tired and she's having to come home n obey the rules somewhat since living her life free and independently!! It's going to be a rough week of transition for all concerned! Much biting of tongue ( mine ) will be occurring! I need a calm house so the boy can revise ( or so I can hear him on his x box n then go nag at him to revise!! ) 

I have a hashtag I use on Twitter for moments such as these and I reckon I'll be trotting it out a lot! 

I wish I could turn back the time to days like this 
( on a day out oop int Lakes ) 

So what I want to know is how did you cope when your children grew up?? How will you cope?? 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *Mother of the Year NOT* Radiostar xxx


  1. Our eldest daughter is back home and we are enjoying having her, adjustments on both sides have been made, nice to be close yo the woman she has become.

    1. I've found, when shes been home for holidays, that the first week can be trying but by week 2 all is well again! She's really sad to leave her uni life and friends behind.

  2. Our lot are 35 ( Did a year art foundation course locally,went to uni,came home for a year then moved away) 33 ( did not a lot for a year after A levels, went to uni, stayed for an extra year, came home for a while, moved out, came home, moved out) 27 ( got a job at 17. moved out at 18 , just come back for 2 months, moving out again)
    Just go with the flow is the only way!

    1. Thanks Sue! They do not tell you this in the baby books!! It's just a new exciting chapter! As long as they are happy and I'd like them to be successful in what they do. Me and the HG will be there to pick up the pieces come what may! It's our job!!

  3. HI Rachel

    I'm with Sue - just chill and enjoy the laughs with the kids - its only natural that you'll have good days and some 'not' so good days - they'll flee the nest one day and you'll miss these days - good and not so good.......a large glass of wine at the end of a not so good day helps too! xxx

  4. Thanks Trudie!! I just wonder if the next seven years will go as fast as the last!

  5. Congratulations on your new found fame and (potentially) peg-related fortune. I have just gone to great expense (£2.99) and bought a new pack of wooden pegs only to be extremely disappointed at their feebleness- two have already fallen apart. Perhaps I could enlist your services to tweet about them and get me a refund? xx

    1. I'll see what I can do CT! Maybe I could add 'Peg Guru' to my CV!

  6. L is taking her GCSE's next year and she finds it scary that she's growing up so fast and will be going collage soon. I find it a bit sad but happy that we have spent a lot of time doing things together and as a family and created lots of memories. She has no plans to go to uni as yet. I have my finger secretly crossed on that on because I would hate it if she went to a uni away from home. I don't like it when she goes on a sleepover but would never tell her or stop her as it's all part of the going up process towards independence. Enjoy your full house when it all calms down.
    P.S great news about the pegs

    1. Hey Carol, when L decides whatever she is doing you will just grin and support her through it! Damn us all for raising well brought up independent offspring!

  7. Mine haven't quite grown up yet but Amy has already said she's leaving home asap. Not because of us I hasten to add, (well I hope not), but because she just wants her own place. Thomas on the other hand has declared he's going to live with us forever and his wife will also move in if and when he gets married. He's only 9 so there's plenty of time for him to change his mind lol. xx

    1. Let's hope you get on with your Daughter in Law Suzanne!!! Our youngest always said he was going to live on a barge!


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