Friday, 8 May 2015

Post 380

Welcome one, welcome all and welcome lovely new followers! This is my 380th post!! 
It is being written on the morning of the results of the General Election. It looks like the Tories romped it home according to my Twitter feed. In other news it's VE Day. Are the two linked??!! 
In other news it's Friday and I'm going back to work. I only had a sickness bug, nothing major. I'm back to normal again! 
So I googled '380' 
Here are the first five fascinating hits. 

1. 380 bus route - Transport for London
... Oyster · Car clubs. . Home ... Stations, stops & piers; 380 ... Choose a stop to view live arrivals and status information. Bus stop G. 380. Belmarsh Prison.

I think our local bus numbers only go up to 81
The Airbus A380 is a double-deck, wide-body, four-engine jet airliner manufactured by Airbus. It is the world's largest passenger airliner, and the airports at ...
First flight: 27 April 2005
Number built: 156 as of 31 March 2015
Unit cost: US$428 million

I've never been on an Airbus or any other aeroplane. I'm not even worried about this. Planes crash.
The .380 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) pistol cartridge is a rimless, straight-walled pistol cartridge developed by firearms designer John Browning. The cartridge ...

I've never fired a gun. I'm not even worried about this. Guns are weapons of death.
With the A380, the sky is yours. Designed for the 21st century aviation industry, its unique size allows airlines to maximize their revenue potential through an ...

Still no desire to get on one. I cannot get my curser on my iPad to go back to me, instead it thinks I'm adding stuff to the pasted link!! I cannot make it stop.
Information about the British Airways Airbus 380-800 including technical information, seating plans and a photo gallery.

So basically the number 380 stands for buses, planes and guns. Sounds like a great plot for a movie starring Simon Pegg and the blokes out of RunFat boy, Hot Fuzz  Run n the rest. 

Maybe this from the next page( as I searched for something interesting ) could be the plot line! 

How online romance turned sour as woman stole £380 from her ... › News › Wales News › Courts
2 days ago - A woman has admitted stealing £380 from a lonely heart she met on a dating website as he showered in a hotel. Rachel Sparey, 35, arranged ...

I did an image search of '380' and it was all guns. I then clicked the next search feature- something I never do! Shopping. I have no desire to buy any of these things! 

I then googled 
'What can I buy for £3.80?'
Here's what...
A Patrick Dempsey DVD. 

Man buys watch for £3.80, sells it for £22,650 | Metro News › 2015/02/19 › man-buys-w...
Mobile-friendly - 19 Feb 2015 - A man who bought a watch for £3.80 from a thrift shop later sold it for a whopping £22,650. Zach Norris ...

I wish I'd found this watch! 

And if you buy a certain newspaper, you get a £3.80 pint of beer for free. 

FREE! Pint of Sagres lager worth £3.80 in this week's Guardian ... › news › local
Mobile-friendly - 1 day ago - Have a drink on us and get that holiday taste without having to go abroad with this week's ... “This is a pub where families can come and relax in lovely surroundings,” Roger said.

Beer costs how much??? For £3.80 I could make my lot a feast with leftovers!! 

£380 is 525 euros, 742 Australian Dollars, 711 Canadian Dollars, 70,458 Japanese Yen and 7068 South African Rand. ( all from a Google calculator! ) 

Right, that's more than enough facts about 380! See you on post 381. 

Have a great Friday everyone. 

Love from 

Rachel *back to work face* Radiostar


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