Thursday 21 May 2015

Tales on a Thursday and THE END.

Hello lovely bloggy chums.
I'd like to say thanks again for commenting. I'm getting into the habit of replying and I hope you do get a chance to see them. 

I had planned on telling you about my mobile phone insurance angst. But I didn't want to heap upon you yet another ranty post. 

It had a steel core. It had already snapped once. Nothing lasts these days. The HG had already fixed it once; this decreased it's natural sag significantly, making me leap up to lasso it down with a towel so I could reach it off my tippy toes! The laundry workout! And bend and stretch! 

Anyway I thought I'd update you on the peonies and the cardigan. 
Survived the winds and rain so far...
( Yes that is a blue pot and yes that is my blue clothes pole! ) 

...this was the red one from my last post... Here it is today...
And here's one I prepared earlier .. This one seems to have bloomed from nowhere! 
Sorry it's like it was too red for my poor phone camera! 
This is just needing it's cuffs and button band. I have a recipient in mind for this. Maybe by the next post it'll be done! 

And here is THE END part of my title. 

And finally, it's a Sad Day at Eternally 28. 

Today my boy formally finished his schooling. Sixth Form should at least last five years I think! 

End of an era. 
End of ironing infernal school shirts. 
End of saying 'watch the roads' everyday at about 8:05am. 
End of maternal fretting if the weather was atrocious. 
End of having to have my shower before or after him in the morning. 
End of packed lunches. HOO BLOODY RAY to that one! 
End of Parents' evenings. 
End of the daily 'How was school? ..... Umm Ok ' fascinating conversation betwixt us. 
End of handing money over to school. End of childhood officially. 
End of an era. 
( Well until the morrow- he's an exam! ) 

How it's zoomed by so fast I don't know. 

I'll just be lamenting over there in the corner. 

What's new with you? 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *Jersey Royals for tea for the first time this year* Radiostar xxx


  1. "The HG had already fixed it once; this decreased it's natural sag significantly,"
    Sounds like an ad for a cosmetic surgeon!
    Jane x

  2. All that happens is your questions from now on change, you will still do most of your list.

    1. Not the packed lunches though!! *skips gaily*

  3. Oh, I know how you feel about those milestone youngest will be finished with Uni next week and my second eldest is getting married on the Saturday. Like you, though, there are lots of things I can well live without regarding their school days, parents evening, lunchboxes, uniforms...ugh! Mind you I get to see things from the other side still with DH being a teacher/college lecturer. I sometimes think he forgets what its like being a parent of a student. Looking forward to seeing the cardigan when it's all finished. Love, Helen xx

    1. It is almost ready Helen x I'm looking forward to your Wedding news:-)

  4. Ah I feel for you with washing line dramas AND the end of school. Have to say though, they are still your babies in need of help at every turn- the only difference is they can drive to the pub to pick you up! xx

    1. There has to be a bonus to all of this growing up ness!

  5. Uni means the washing comes all at once in BIG loads, the holidays are much longer and the questions about everything still get asked with even less answers.

    1. I know Sue! The Uni one is landing next week. I'm expecting a full washer and an empty fridge!

  6. Onward and upward with the family, however the ironing will not cease! I speak from experience. Nor will the worrying. I'm glad that your sag was sorted out. Sagging is definitely a no, no and a total collapse is awful. Hope it soon rises again!
    From one peony pal to another as they say.

    1. I'm gazing at a pile of ironing right now! I will do it tonight in front of Britains Got Talent!

  7. I read something many moons ago along the lines of 'When you know you're a grown up woman' I knew my time had come when I spotted & made Mike buy me my ideal unbreakable washing line a couple of months back not bad for a nearly 42 year old, I do feel for you! Ah the end of children being in school, I have 5 years & six weeks left I think. I'm slightly sobbing that my eldest has finished uni, time did really fly for that one! x

  8. What's your uni one going to do nex? Mine has plans to travel - not sure how far she'll get on a train station cafe part time job!!


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