Saturday 2 May 2015

Found this in my drafts!

Are you all well?
I've been skulking around Blogland but have found myself at a loss of what to say!

This post  - just a few lines really, not even a full post was languishing in drafts. I'm now dragging it out kicking n screaming! Mainly because I'm procrastinating on the day's chores ahead.

I still have a visible shingles sore that's slowly slowly fading but it's going to leave a huge crater scar. And I keep getting the 'shingles jingles tingles' every now and again. Not painful, but very annoying and odd. I have to admit that I do think I'm making it up sometimes!! But I'm really not

Somebody tweeted
@garytaphouse: If you appreciate shock value, have a strong stomach and aren't too bothered about understanding what's going on, I can recommend #Fortitude

I could not have put it better myself!

First of all I need to say I'm totally hooked. I'm going to, post by post, try and give you the lowdown in my own way!
Episode 1
It's cold. There's an acclaimed British actor out with his camera. Through the camera he sees a man being eaten by a polar bear. He knows the man isn't in the best mood about this; because the man is screaming. Then, the camera pans out and we see a strange little ginger bloke in a (Scritti) Politti coat. Now before you start humming that particular 80's pop ditty - The first time de de da ( no I don't recall the words ) do not assume this policeman is a goody. For starters he looks like he was in an Abba tribute band.
There's two school kids out on. Their. Own. And they find something. They take it home.
Then a very handsome English actor from Shameless finds a Mammoth in the glacier. He drags it back to a shed, as you would, with his friend/brother??
I immediately KNEW there was something sinister about this frozen mammal because there was creepy music playing.
He then tries to sell it to an old Dr Who.

I have since watched all of the episodes. It was very very good. Especially the FORKTITUDE episode! I know who all the people are and the storyline reveals were brilliant! As for the sinister music in Ep 1. Let's just say, I WAS RIGHT!

I may carry on in my next few posts with my review!

So here's my life lately in bullet points.

  • Knitting - nowt new
  • Uni - firm choice now in. Wobbly #2 at prospect of it all. It is rather daunting, so now I find every evening helping with Apprenticeship applications 
  • Uni - #1 sent me her dissertation to proofread. I sent it to my cleverer friend to proofread for me! 
  • Work - relentless
  • Lottery Win - £11.30 closer to my first million
  • Health - still firmly embedded in a fat phase!
  • Baking - not much apart from butterscotch cake requested for #2 18th last week
  • Wealth - now #2 passed his driving test first time, the purse might have a few coppers left in it now
  • Garden - veg bed prepared. I'm v late this year. Mosquito nets ordered from Amazon - butterflies will NOT get in! 
  • NDFC* - still terrorising my garden pets but I'm happy to announce I have Goldfinch and darling little Coaltits! 
  • Meals - v v v lazy of late, but I have cleaned out the freezer and can now see what I have and stuff is being used up! 
  • Blogs - reading but not writing! 
  • Life - same old same old!! 

It's the Bank Holiday Weekend! Enjoy x 

Love from

Rachel *always here in the background* Radiostar



  1. Missed reading, glad you're blogging again x x x

  2. *Haven't read your blog before
    *Just popped over to read your blog after reading MUM.
    *You write so well, very witty.
    *I like bullet points
    *May copy
    *Can't do bullet points in a comment!
    *Stars instead

    1. Thank you Sue x I've been over to yours! I love Blogland!

  3. Sounds a bit like us at the moment. We are so involved with the gala float building that it's taking over everything with not much time for other stuff.
    Love your bullet points and my use your idea in the near future.
    Hope you're having a relaxing weekend. It's raining again today here.

    1. There's something satisfying about a bullet point! Looking forward to photos of the gala floats Mrs!

  4. Lovely post, regarding NDKC we live next door to mad cat woman with 20x NDFc's, get yourself a battery operated water gun, add lemon juice to the water, have fun at target practice. The lemon juice does not come off like water it sticks to their coat and they don't like the taste. They are intelligent animals and will stay away from you garden when you are about. rest of the time slice cheap lemons scatter where it digs.

    1. Lemons are now on my list! Bloody thing. I hate it! I did snigger at your x20NDFCs!!


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