Wednesday 1 June 2011

Bloody love not going to work me...

Today I shall mostly be pottering, doing some good old fashioned bits and bots on nothingness just as I please. A visit FROM my sister and the angelics is planned, ( cue much snuggledom and cuteness)  a visit TO one of my oldest chums is planned ( cue much gossip tittletattle and cattery - all harmless of course) a hot steamy date with

my new iron. O yes it's purple. A bonus. Comes with it's own cover. 2.0mgs of steam pressure thingy whatever that is.
I night try it out today.
Knitting. Dear Daughters back is finished and the front rib. A new project. I also wanna try my hand at a bit of felting. so I have some old wool that I will knit into a bag and into the washing machine it will go with some dishwasher soap and some tennish balls..but I mustn't let it spin! Apparently.

Peas and cabbages need attending to as to my rhubarbs, which have protested at being moved by simply ..dying...I need to investigate what can be done...any helpers? I know what I did - I took them out of the ground ( Mainly because I was SICK AND EFFIN TIRED OF FRIGGIN CATSHIT from my neighbours cats in the beds GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR) O yes indeedy, a sore point. I HATE cats because of this. I HATE my neighbours too for having them. SO teh Rhubarbs were moved into giant roomy pots, but I don't think they like heights or something, we've had one pie outta them and then they just collapsed and died.

O I fancy a batch of viennese biscuits too.
So in order to get (non) busy I need to get off my arse and DO it!!

Loving everyone's Blogs lately! Puts me to shame with mine!
Byeeee xx


  1. That is the biggest iron i have ever seen. Where on earth are you going to keep it. Willybobs slept for 2hrs after I picked him up, which aqueduct did he walk back from, the Ribble Valley one?? He woke up and said 'bye bye raychel' how cute

  2. You managed to kill rhubarb!! Oh my god you're far more dangerous than I first feared!!!!!!! Run to hills everyone.....
    John ;o)

  3. General rule of transplanting "As above, so below". Did you cut the tops of the rhubarb back after you dug them up? Killing innocent rhubarb is scandalizing, because I can't grow it here, and love tasty rhubarb sauce!

    Spent the morning in the garden picking green beans, swiss chard and one yummy tomato. Temp today will break 100F. Way too hot way too soon. Hubby is delivering 2liter bottles of ice to each of the rabbit cages right now, since we lost 3 last week to heat.

    Love living in Texas, but think TX summer is a pain. As the old pioneer saying goes:"Texas is Heaven for men and dogs; Hell for women and horses!" This year I think men and dogs aren't going to like this summer much!

  4. O heart weeps for my rhubarbs - they were at least 20 years old! I transplanted them in the winter thinking they were asleep. Obviously they did not like waking up not knowing where they were!
    We have had two nice days and it's raining again. How are my strawberries ever to ripen? They will be going rusty!

    Men and dogs have too an easy a life!!!


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