Wednesday 8 June 2011

Have you lot ever Tweeted?

I have just started to get into's a lot faster than facebook and somewhat more anonymous and following famous celebs of your choice is GENIUS and satisfies some deep down nosiness that I have. Bob Mortimer is HILARIOUS and strangely compelling is Richard Madeley!!

( Did actually say that out loud?)

The lack of photographs lately is due the fact I havn't figured out how to load em onto computer from fancypants iphone - but I have been snapping away...mainly at the little birdies who are eating me out of Nifer Seed and home! I know there voice and when I hear them peeping I get 3-4 minutes of gorgeous nature at work - these little goldfinches are STUNNING!

No work related angst...we have only been back 2 days ( angst ridden enough over that) and the majority of my y6 class are on a residential visit leaving behind me a wee group of six boys ( alll taller than me) .

We have gardened, planted trees, designed swimming pools and great structures to improve the school grounds, painted rocks and today they will assist the PE coaches all afternoon and this morning we have a rake of raspberries, blackberries and blackcurrants to put in. Friday morning I said we will make some tiffin and Thursday will be tasks of their choice. It's not their fault that they didn't go poor lambs, one genuinely didn't go, the parents of the others deemed it too expensive - which to be fair almost £300 for 4 and a half days it is....but EVERY SINGLE parent is a smoker, they have a car and these kids have every single bit of electronic stuff. O I tell a lie - one boty who was due to go was so badly behaved he was withdrawn from the trip. My heart soared when he wasn't in on Monday then sank as he was in yesterday - not with me for long, he was sent to the head after swearing in front of Y3 ( who I am babysitting too as the Y3 teacher has gone too) and sticking pens up his nose and snorting them out. This boy is lost. No amount of work we put in will change him now. He is as vile as his skanky parents who do not give a toss about him. His younger brother was sent to a secure unit school and his 14 year old sister gave birth to a baby boy.   Social Services didn't want to know when I claied he was being neglected...his toe and fingernails were like curled over talons and filthy. ( My nanna would say you could grow potatoes in em) he smells and is always hungry. His mother claims she can't get him in the bath....truth is he is online on an x box till 2am - we know because another problem child in Y5 tells us how they play zombies, Call of Duty and other such 18 rated games...but my thoughts on this will do another day.

My kids went to this place and had the week of their lives, the skills for life, comradeship it builds and a taster of independance is priceless. The school does operate a saving scheme and some of the children were eligable for hefty discounts due to a disadvantage fund - whereby here is my problem....why wasn't the disadvantage fund used to knock down the price for everyone - I also suggested some fund raisers to again knock down the price - but because it wasn't the person in charges idea it got no where.

Anyhow, I didn't think I had enough to fill a blog post today and look at how much I've waffled on!!!

My birthday draws ever close and then I will have to change my name!!!!

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  1. *Can't be arsed to go back and correct the errors in situ
    1. Nifer = Niger seed
    2. There = THEIR ( A pet hate of mine!!!)
    3 and probably 4 and 5678 but they were the only two I really noticed
    See you later


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