Friday 10 June 2011

"Please insert witty title here"

Been awake since 4am. Look like a old hag this morning - think Zelda off that kids programme  - I can't think of it's name  hang on ...Terrahawks ( thanks Google)
Think I'm gonna need a LOT of my No.7Intense Beauty Serum...

Harry is in Manchester. He had to go and have a feeding tube put in because he is losing weight and when you are only 13lbs to start with it's not good. Lisa had tried to no avail to get him to drink it down but it was becoming too traumatic for the both of them. At least this way he doesn't have the stress of having stuff forced into his mouth. But the photograph she sent made me cry...for the first time reality kicked the door down and he looked sooooo little and frail and poorly.

How is it that we have become kind of desensitised to phrases like, oh he's having his chemo, like saying Oh he's having his fish n chips for tea? It is necessary and we know why it's having to happening, but at five months old your day should be concerned with stuffing things in your mouth and rolling over on to your front then wining cause you can't roll back - and yes the wee man is doing all these things but he is tooo little and when you think of what his little body is going to and that bastarding cancer is doing to him it makes me very angry and upset.

**** Pause to wipe tears and blow snotty nose********


Yesterday I had a chair thrown at me, though the child said (of course) he didn't throw it at me - I just happened to be in the way I know , he knows and the Head knows, that's not true.

My five Y6 lads have mainly been great, well my core four really. The fifth never turned up on Monday and was late on Tues and Wed and just rubs them all up the wrong way.

One of the four was in a right old grump and they were niggling at each other all day - the bruha blew up over a piece of paper FFS I asked number 5 to leave to calm down, number 4 couldn't leave it alone and pulled smug faces at number 5 still argueing, I raised my voice and asked number 5 to leave again and as he went he hurled a chair ....towards me, and thankfully for him and me it collided with a desk in the way and didn't actually hit me....I didn't see him after that.

No doubt he will be back in school today and will apologise and you know what I want to cry for this boy because it's not his fault he is like he is. It's the one with the 14yr old sister who is a mum already and the brother who's been in PRU since the age of 6. It's his skanky, scrotey, foul, waste of space, thick as pig shit, lazy benefits scrounger mother and her drug addled lifestyle with "uncle after uncle" GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR makes me mad and so sad for him, because he is a clever lad but I know he will end up inside. I know it. So today, I am going to be extra nice and understanding to him. I have 5 weeks left to try to help - yet I know already I am up against a brick wall...and you know what, this boy turns up day after day after day without fail because its the one place where he has routine and feels safe, o and gets fed.

Awww something just happened to raise my mood - my 16 year old daughter ( 17 next week) just came in and asked me to plait her hair for school! Even though I had to ask her to sit down so I could reach. Did I tell you I raised a couple of giants? Also the boy brought home a letter with the fabulous news he got all his first choices for his GCSEs.

Today at school we are going to take photos of the Fab Five and their great work and then we are going to make Tiffin which I will let them eat whilst the watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I am quite sad that the rest of the little shits will be back at one o'clock, apparently they have been challenging!!

Suppose I should go to the shop and buy the butter and syrup I forgot to get last night when I was in Asda. I was too busy buying vegetables in the whoopsed fridge. Bags of ready prepared vegetable soup mix for 10p. Yes TEN PENCE!!! I splashed out and bought four, two went in the freezer and two went in the slow cooker with two stock cubes and the smell is divine this morning!!! I will blitz it later. I also bought Spanish paprika potato wedges, cucumber portions and huge bags of roast Mediterranean veg.

Hopefully Lisa will beable to bring Harry home and will start to put weight on pretty quickly, if he takes after his Auntie Rachel it'll be a breeze!

Thank You for listening!!! xx


  1. Jeez Rach,
    If I didn't know better I'd say you were one hell of a caring sort :O). Hats off to you me dear there is no way that I could put up with what you do, me thinks that your quite tough (for a vertically challenged sort that is) It's people like you that inspire others to do better you know, me included. Now that's the last compliment I'm giving you, don't want to ruin me reputation.
    Best regards,

  2. My heart goes out to you all and little Harry. I cant begin to imagine what its like for you all. He sounds like a right little fighter though and he is lucky to have a family who are with him all the way and support each other.

    I can however imagine the chair situation and the crap lives the kids have. Some of the stuff I have heard this week are just so horrific. Its awful that you can see where their lives are heading and whilst we may be up against a brickwall you never know when a little bit of it will be chipped away and the light can shine through...

    Good news on the GCSE front!

    I hope you managed to sleep better last night! Have a good weekend. xxx

  3. So sorry to hear the news about Harry.Hope soon the tube can come out soon and he can get back to icky formula!Please keep us posted on his progress. You have so much love to share; those who know you are lucky indeed.

    Especially the Goon with the chair.Working with kids is a challenge. Last year one of the high schoolers called me "bitch" in class. He swore he was speaking Chinese and I misheard. At least it wasn't an "F-Bomb". Called the office and had him removed. Lost my sense of humor, I guess.
    You're right, some of their lives are horrible at home and the neighborhood. Scary that they might be in charge of the world someday, isn't it?

    Blessings upon you for going back every day and doing what you can.

  4. Thank You Moschops, John and Helene xxx


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