Tuesday 14 June 2011

Harry's needing some help.

Poor little sweet baby, He has to go have a feeding tube put in, ( did I already tell you that?) and now his illness is evermore visible - but also he looks so little and poorly and ill. A pale little shadow. So pale that tomorrow he has to go have a blood transfusion. Thank goodness for medical breakthroughs over the last 100 years that makes this now trivial procedure actually life saving.

And this chokes me up. Even though all this time I've been chatting away about cancer and chemotherapy, actually what is happening right now is my little nephew is really fighting to stay alive.How can one little feeding tube bring this home? His cental line is apparent as we can feel it and are careful of it when holding him, yet he has been so sweet and smiley and happy and just so content. I am really scared for him and don't mind telling you that as I type this in the dark, I can't see the screen for tears.  I have to be strong for my sister and her family. I am also having a wee weep for my little lost baby too. Sometimes life is just really REALLY shitty.


  1. Just read this me dear, little Harry is utmost in my thoughts. I feel so helpless and my heart goes out to Harry, your sister and to you Rach. Thinking of all of you,

  2. Didnt want to not comment but dont know what to say, so being practical and all I found this.


    Dont know if this is any help or if the hospital has offered help etc. but I can send positive thoughts (I dont do praying) and hugs. (((((((((((hug)))))))))))))

  3. Awwww Thank Yo Moschops xxx The hospitals have been GREAT. Lisa has Macmillian support, Rainbow suport I think it's called which is for the other children either taking Harry so she can spend tim ewith them or bringing special play toys and treats and days out organised etc.

    Sports day was cancelled - but it's only putting off the misery for another day!
    I promise I will go back and finish that post!
    I am such a lazy blogger!

    And John, cheers as always :)
    Rachel xx


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