Thursday 30 June 2011

I predict a pretty much stress free working day today

This is because the majority of the teachers at my school are in the NUT and they are ON STRIKE over pensions or something. I haven't really been taking notice. As a HLTA am I a public sector worker? Do I need to be worrying? My colleague said that the proposed cuts to her pension will cost 250K. I was like YOU WHAT?????????????? I can't believe they'll get so much! I really am thick as the proverbial pig droppings where stuff lke this is concerned.

Now I get my pension statements every year and I get a few. Because I have held a few roles in the school. I then file them away. I don't even understand the notes the send to help you understand it all.
This is what my Unison Person says
"This week, on behalf of the public service unions, I am leading discussions with the government on pensions. I have said all along that I want to reach a negotiated settlement, avoiding strike action all together. Our members – loyal public servants – want to keep services running.

But for this to happen, the government must commit to real talks – with contribution rates, retirement ages and the move from RPI to CPI to calculate pension payments, all on the agenda for genuine discussion.

We give our full support to our brothers and sisters in PCS, NUT and ATL, taking action on Thursday over pensions – their fight is our fight – and UNISON will be taking part in demonstrations up and down the country to support them. Our advice to school and college staff is clear – do not cover unless it is part of your job.

And I send support to our members taking action on the same day in Camden, Doncaster Birmingham and Southampton, over job cuts."

I can't be asked to cover as we have no children in! So will get shitloads of admin crap done.

Interesting Grown Up Stuff About The Strike Here

 I know you can't tell, but I've just been ages reading up on that stuff , was looking to see if I will be affected! I dunno - I probably will be but I FULLY support ALL of my colleagues in their action today. The Government cannot make people worker longer to get less and expect to have it accepted laying down.

Just found the calculator thing.
IF it does apply to me and I think it surely will I will pay more and LOSE a LOT of money.
In shock.

But my outlook is what will happen tomorrow is I may get hit  by a bus so I am living for today. Too much tradgey in my family learnt me that lesson.

Besides I might win the lottery ( and will probably get hit by that bus as I am on my way to collect my winnings)

Just noticed that an error occurred while saving so posting now!. No am copying now then posting!
 Think this is my first grown up ish post!!!

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  1. Looks as if you have the same 'awareness' as myself about matters concerning my own pensions (i.e. not a great deal). I do agree that these folk should not lie down and take it, seems to me that folk in this country have done just too much of late over the years concerning all manner of issues. Bloody hell, just thought, a grown up comment there from me - bugger what have you done Rach?

  2. Hey John - was it cause I is 40 now?

  3. I was very impressed by your grown up post.

    Change is in the air. Teachers in Texas are suffering abuse, too: salaries may now be lowered by districts for the same work, they now may be required to take furlough days without pay,"last hired first fired" is extinct ( you can hire two new teachers for the same cost as a 20 year veteran) and the traditional 45 days notice of termination no longer exists. Striking is illegal here for teachers. I'm glad I'm retired.

    Not only is teaching not fun any more, they get to abuse you in new and different ways.

  4. It is scary how much we will loose and I am not happy about it, but as I ranted over in the middle of nowhere, I totally agree that there are bigger issues to worry about.

    Besides - if you went in to teaching for the money, then more fool that person! There was me thinking we should be doing it to make a difference....
    If you dont like it or you dont like the conditions, dont do it!!!! OR find a decent school to work at, and by that I dont mean an easy one in leafy suburbia, but one where the SLT back you up 100% and there is a behaviour policy that works.

    ARGH! I am NOT ranting. I repeat, I am NOT ranting. That was the other day. Now I am calm *pictures herself in her 'happy place' whilst repeating, I am calm...everything is fine...the sun is shining* LOL!

    Hope you are having a luverly weekend! xxx


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