Wednesday 15 June 2011

Will it rain today? Of course it will, it's Sport afternoon

The non competative kind of Sports Day. ( I have actually sat here and deliberated whether that needs an apostrophe or not and decided not).

This splits parents into two camps. The Pushy Parent ( from now on PP) and The Right On Parent ( from now on B&L { Beans and lentils LOL private joke with myself}). Now, not one to sweeping generalise ever ( as if  hee hee) The offspring of the PP are called Kyran, Travis, Chardonnay and Paris . The B&L children have such monikers as Tarquin, Quentin, Jessica and Persephone.

PP children ( from now on known as CC = Chav Child) wear Nikeeee tracksuits, rockport trainers just like their 'dads' or 'uncles' except without the gold chain and obligatory leg tattoo of the football team they support - ususally Chelsea - we LIVE OOP NORTH YOU UTTER MORONS support an OOP NORTH TEAM FFS!
B&Lkids wear charity shop offerings or something knitted or woven out of old pairs of jeans.

Have to go but will be back to finish this later on!! I have to post it to remove the last one out of sight on my page - call it self preservation!


  1. pushy parents? what are they??

    Hope the rain held off for your afternoon of sporting fun! (in a non-competative way of course)


  2. Post poned....Post frigging Poned. Bloody weather!!!
    Had a fab day with Y6 - I had given the teacher the whole mornig to do her reports and i started the day assertivley as I meant to go on - the children could sense I was taking no prisoners and we had a GREAT day!!! Bloody swines - they surprise us sometimes but lull us easily into a false sense of security...they will simply be gathering strength and regrouping for a full assualt no doubt today!!!


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