Friday 3 June 2011

When a comment turns into a blog post # lazyness supreme but I did it anyway :)

On my daily readng list is BRILLIANT BLOG

My beloved dishwasher is broken -

I know exactly what's wrong with it - I went to the library and took out the Dishwasher Manual book -

the heating element is bust...but I don't know how to get into the machine, and I can't get an engineer for love nor money ( because I know what is wrong, how much the parts are etc....)

so I await Finish's scientists to develop a cold water tablet as it goes through it's cycle perfectly well.

I am worried that my children are missing their most favourute tasks of emptying the dishwasher, I also miss the friction cause by Mr Radiostar stacking the dishes in TOTALLY wrong & his wee niggles at me for stacking it MY way!!!

When I bought it I spent as much as I could afford to go for an A rating on the energy scale and it was a water eco if anyone knows someone who can get into my Hotpoint safely for about twenty quid ( about 10 mins work) I'll be grateful!

I HEART my dishwasher I HATE standing at the sink! My children seem to hate putting the pots away more than the dishwasher!! Fortunately they still have the recycling to ruin their lives and yes kids " You DO have to do it, I think you'll find it's ME who does ev -er - reeee - thingggg" * Rolls eyes back atcha!!!


  1. Eh up Rach,
    Are you sure that Mr. Radiostar cannot fathom it out? after all it's what us men do - take things apart n fix em (always with bits left over as well). Other than that have ago yourself - after all what's the worst that could happen?
    Bestest regards,

  2. There must be something in the instructions or online about how to get in to it..? I know what you mean about not wanting to pay for an engineer 'cos you know what the problem is!!!

    When I go to my parents' we (ie. me, dad and bro) arent allowed to load the dishwasher 'cos we get it wrong. oh to have a dishwasher that I could load my own way. My life would be complete.

    Hope its sorted soon so your kids can enjoy their dishwasher time again. ;-)

  3. Where's my comment???????? ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  4. DURRRR. Just seen - your comment will be visible after approval... THATs why its not shown up yet. And there was me thinking it was dodgy blogger again.

    Now I am going to look like a loon posting comments, DEMANDING they are up straight away and then talking to myself and all cos I didnt read all the information. AND now I am talking to myself.
    Ho hum.....

  5. har har har. I thought it was Matthew that had to do everything.

  6. John - Mr Radiostar has had a good old look and there is no way into this thing that won't cause permanent damage. I am going to try some more research tho and we will do it together!!

    Matilda - you just wait til all 4 have to do everything ( when nothing seems to get done!!)

    Moschops - as my liverpudlian neighbour said to her tempertantrumming 2 year old " calm down calm down" ...You MADE my day - O how my heart leapt when I saw comments needing to be approved!!!!!!!

    Rachel x

  7. lol! Have just sent you a friends request on the wonderous facebook - I'm one of John's friends. Was meant to send a message saying who I was, but it didnt give me the option. (or I didnt read it properly - that might be more likely...)

  8. HYA! Ooops - I declined you as I didn't know where you'd got through my mega security from!!!It didn't say we had a mutual friend - and we gotta be sooo careful with ex pupils and parents etc!! * goes to fix thing right away XXX

  9. * back from fixing friendships .....your request is in the e-post as it were and you also have no message option!! LOL xx


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