Wednesday 23 February 2011

Wet Wednesday Woes - updated

Actually I havn't got any. I love wet Wednesdays especially in half term!

Here is an excerpt from my dictionary.
To Potter ( verb - flit about from room to room picking up odds n sods willy nilly and be at one with oneself)

 Today I will be found in my kitchen. On the menu is Cottage Pie, home made jammy dodgers and vodka jellies. I havn't made these before - I am assuming one replaces the water with vodka. Let's see what My best friend Google has to say on the matter.

Ah just as I thought! I didn't think it would be difficult. I have no shot glasses though - so will be improvising. Might use egg cups? ! Plastic cups if I can find some may be useful too. Ah well I will try to think of interesting things to write as I am in Domestic Goddess heaven.

Update 15.01 - cottage pie? check. vodka jelly? check. biscuits - not yet. I hit a snag during cottage pie construction. I'd softened my onions and garlic in olive oil, I'd added my (reduced) 'organic outdoor reared had a nice life watched corrie on a wednesday idyllic frolicking in the scottish highlands beef'' mince. (Honest that is what was said on the label - hence I bought it)
Added my reduced salt oxo stock with a hefty spoonful of black velvet. That's marmite in case you were wondering. And a squidge of tomato puree. Stirred it and left it on a tad over a simmer. 

Wandered over to the fridge. Quel Horreur! Nil spuds. not a one. So have had a lovely if a little damp tramp across the park to Aldi for some potatoes. Now I know the price of shopping has gone up but it cost me SEVENTEEN quid!  Lovely mashers though!


  1. Vodka jelly shots? you are indeed a domestic goddess

  2. It's sugar free jelly too! Raspberry flavour. I used halfy halfy peach shnapps ( grown up peach melba) and vodka :) They are for my friend. She is holding a gathering later on. The Cottage Pie is a heat n eat treat for the family - poor them having to fend for themselves whilst I am out socialising! Saw a wren on my walk in the park today. A bonus :)

  3. P.S. vodka jellies were delicious!


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