Monday 21 February 2011

My Friend Billy....last name Bargain

 I love, love , love a billy bargain. I make it a personal quest to NEVER EVER EVER buy anything at full price. EVER. Everything is so expensive.

There is an old saying abot one man's fortune is another's misfortune(sic)...

Our town centre is much like any other you seeon the news, in serious decline and Millets has to close down and GO. Not one of those closing down sales that last forever. Or a 'closing down' sale where the shop sells everything then miraculously reopens in the same spot and often with the same stock!

So, my trusty Head Walking boots are about ooooo a good 8 years old now - at the time I tried on about 13 pairs and these ones just fitted like footgloves. My toes swooned at the comfort and they have served me well. But I have been on the hunt for their the right price.

These were the ones I saw   - The North Face - excellent brand - priced at £109 reduced to £59...but but but, and here's the juicy bit - EVERYTHING in the shop had 50% off again! Size 4 PERFECT - they were made for me. Except. Well. They were too small. Hmmmmm. It was like an episode of short, fat, round woman does Cinderella. My left foot was ok but my toes on my right foot were touching the end of the boot. I had three options.
1. Amputation -  drastic I know, but they were gorgeous and so cheap!
2. Get them anyway - they might stretch - this was what my inner voice was telling me....wet newspaper, wear em in round the house.....
3. Put them back on the shelf, with bottom lip stuck out like petulant child and scan the shelves for something else........

I found a pair of Karrimor walking boots. Little bit heavier. same size. So I rather sulkily, I thought, ( still casting glances at the North Face ones, inner voice still droning on, they are only a BIT too small etc etc) I tried them on. Perfect. Lovely grip ( which is the one feature I insist on for all my footwear - I am petrifed of slipping!) and really really comfortable. As the kind hearted, uber patient sales assistant all those years ago in Keswick said when shopping for walking boots, when you find the right pair you will just know.

So £119.99 down to £49.99 and I got them for £25 Billy Bargain - mixed reviews of them on the net, but for the walking I do - these will be fabulous and at that price I aint going to mind. ( Still really really really liked the North Face ones though)

Except mine are a slightly different colour variation
These are my new boots.

Then we went into what can only be described as a feeding frenzy!
The kids got new boots each - Hi Tech ones I think - but only £15 instead of £40. Decent boots. I got a walking pole. Then the biggy. A coleman 6 berth tent! Was £350. down to £200 and we got it for £75!

Have we camped before? No! Do we own any other camping gear? No! Actaully, that's a lie. The kids have sleeping bags, sleeping mats and other bits n bobs thanks to the fabulous Sea Scouts troop they belonged to. My other half also has a sleeping bag. So...when I have finished tinkering round on here - I am nipping back up into town to see if they have any of the half price sleeping bags left and a coleman little gas stove! Otherwise I will be a bit cold in the tent and as for hot food? Well, if we go in summer I think it's why God invented corned beef sandwiches! we shall not starve and we have a mini Weber BBQ!  Actually I am quite excited about adventuring off now!

I expect many 'Carry On Camping ' moments to write about!
I love half term :)


  1. Let me know if I can help with any Carry On comments - I am Hattie Jacques to Shaun's Kenneth Williams! I'm sure you will have lots of fun camping. We use a BBQ a lot. Now you need a table, some chairs, a light, a water carrier, plastic plates, cutlery, cool box, mattress.......
    I LOVE your blog and will be back soon to read more.

  2. Mmmm last time we were in a tent yours truly managed to blister a third of his leg with boiling water meant for a pot noodle, oh the memory still scalds - especially of me 'beloved' trying (failing it might be said) to contain her mirth as I hopped around the tent like something demented.


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