Wednesday 9 February 2011

Thank you Sky for the new Atlantic Channel

I am now able to repeat the whole ER experience thanks to the new sky channel. Right from the start. I already have series 8 - sorry dear American readers - season 8 on DVD but this is now my lunchtime viewing.

12 O'clock bell goes.
12.10 - sign out from school
12.13 - arrive home
12.14 - 12 - 35 run round doing jobs such as; pop a beef and ale stew in oven, properly frying season floured tossed cubes of beef in batches till the edges are caramalised, add shallots and mushrooms and a bottle Lancaster Black Ale ( yum) cook in slow oven for 5 hours, hoover through lounge and dining room, take dark load out of washer, start light load off, put breakfast pots away.
12.37 - settle down with bowl of  wholesome homemade vegetable soup ( I am trying to be healthy eating remember), diet yoghurt and cup of lady grey tea and a smidgeon of ER
12.54 - go back to work!
Soon be half term - 6 nasty get ups to go.
Child B accused me of pushing him on Tuesday afternoon, no one believed him. Today he was excluded for viciously punching another boy in his class . This thug is 8 years old. Shocking.
I hate my job sometimes. Helpless beyond belief that this small boy is a product of his fucked up parents fucked up selfish little lives. He needs help and nurturing that we cannot properly provide. Underneath his bravado and anger he is a sweet little boy.
I despair.

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