Sunday 27 February 2011

Virgin Voyage & Suicidal Wagtails.

Took my boots out for the first time. Really have to say a comfortable ride was had by all! Just a wee stroll - or 'bumble' as someone I know uses!
Walked down the side of the river - unusually quiet on the wild life front. Saw a couple of chaffinch, swans, moorhens, mallards, a heron and a suicidal Pied Wagtail. Mr Wagtail was sat in the middle of the very busy road hopping on and off the white centre line. Cars were moving round it! it wasn't injured and a car pulling out of a side road kinda forced it to hop to the pavement....only for it to promptly turn around and hop back into the middle of the road? Why? I have never seen this before! Was it trying to attract a mate with it's bravado. I suggested it was trying out it's camouflage. Who knows. We didn't walk back that way but I hope there wasn't some fresh diddy black n white roadkill!

Here are a couple of views of the aquaduct taken from the disabled fishing platfom. My hated camera phone does not do it justice. The River for a change was a deep velvet blue and smooth. A lovely calm serene spot.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how my level of fitness has improved. Normally I can't do the steps up to the Aquaduct without one or two 'pauses to admire the view'. Today I made it up without a pause and only felt that thigh burn about 5 steps from the top! I reckon by Summer I'll be able to run up! Can't believe that we used to carry up the kids in their prams!

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  1. I'm so proud of you! I only want pictures from the top or bottom, so as not to give you any excuse to stop ;)

    What a dumb bird, I'm glad it didn't get squished while you watched, this would have been a very sad blog post!


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