Friday 4 February 2011

Fridays are turning out to be the yin and yang of my week.

Two words are beginning to get me down each week. Well a pair of two words.

  • Year & Three
  • Child A & Child B
Last Friday I arrived at One O'Clock in the playground to bring in the neatly lined up twenty eight  boys and girls of Year Three. The twenty eight children, who were doing exactly as they should, are a delight to teach and I look forward to them every Tuesday and Friday afternoons. 
 We waited in the cold a further five minutes for Child A to come from one side of the playground to join the line - promptly hitting two children in the line on his way past. Child B was refusing to come in. So for the greater good I left him to his own devices on the yard, brought the rest of the children in ( child A pushing and shoving and completely ignoring my requests for him to stop.) As I went past the office I informed them that Child B was refusing to come in. They were aware of the problems he'd had at lunchtime which had included him calling the Lunchtime supervisor an effing word that rhymes with witch but starts with a b.  Charming child eh?

In class. 
Children gathered on carpet for register - a happy chorus of good afternoon Miss S and a rousing YES when I ask are we ready to work! Even child A .

( Will finish this post later on......)

MUCH MUCH ( weeks) later - 17th Feb and my memory may be a little hazy...

We are working on what we need to do to have a healthy lifestyle - in previous weeks we have identified what parts of our bodies do what and what foods to choose to eat and when - today's lesson was all about activities we choose to do . My idea was for the children to come up with a " Don't be a couch potato" leaflet.

EVEN LATER 22nd Feb 2011

We played some circle games designed to move the children around to where I want them to sit, unbeknownst to them, my change places if you are wearing a watch etc are all carefully engineered! During these games Child A & B generally were conforming and joining in until one of them refused to get out of a chair for another child. So, we all waited. Sometimes the joint effort of 29 pairs of disapproving eyes trained on you can make you do the right thing. Not so child A. So he was calmly told that he either played the games properly or not at all.
He decided not at all.  He left the circle and went to hide under one of the tables. And as usual child B takes great delight when child A gets into trouble he was an angel.
I actively ignore these types of behaviour. We then played the zoom zoom eek game. We all have our steering wheels in our hands and we are driving a race car around the circle. You zoom to your neighbour. Each child have one eeeeek which then changes the direction of the car. It's great fun, the zooms can be comical and the eeks are fab esp with the dramatic children pretending to have whiplash! The 'normal' children can cope with a bit of tomfoolery and will settle when remimded so we can carry on and play this game.  It's great for right and left thinking, listening, observing and team play - the class only win if we make it round without stopping and everyone has eeked! We start to play, having lots of fun. Car mad Child A creeps out and charges into the middle of the circle declaring he wants to play. I say he'll have to wait now because we are part way through this one, also it was his choice to leave the circle. Child A did not like this. He went back to his table spot declaring how unfair it all was. That game finished and I invited him back for our last game. More of a round. We pass the holdy thing round and share something. It's great for the apinfully shy as they can make the 'holdy thing' speak for them. Bless the children, they think we are JUST playing games! So I started it off by saying I like it in Y3 when everyone does as I ask straight went round the circle I like it in Y3 when......and we had a variety of answers, but some of the bolder children said I like it in Y£ when Child A is away because we can get on with our lessons! I don't think Child A really liked this. But buddy the truth hurts!

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