Sunday 27 February 2011

Goingbacktowork's Eve

I am amazed at how fast this week has gone. And what an interesting week it has been for one reason or another!
I, to my disgust, have not knit a single row - something, thanks to the torrential rain, I will address today. We were supposed to breaking in our new walking boots today - I think it's raining too hard to be pleasant. I don't mind a bit of drizzle! But going for a mooch around in this would be just miserable!

On Wednesday I went to an evening function round me mate's house! You know, the bring a bottle bring a nibble type of 'do'. Well I arrived clutching my bottle of white Jaques ( mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I LOVE it) and two large bags of potato/maize based fried snackettes and at the same time two party colleagues turned up with fancy food neatly arranged on TRAYS! I was mortified - I didn't know it was a 'trayed goods' function! It wasn't and I was only pretending to be horrified and dismayed! It was just a wee giggle moment! of the party delegates reads the Tarot - I declined as I used to dabble years ago and because of what happened to me two years ago - O I know I am not emotionally stable to think about ANYTHING good or bad that I might be told. I am sort of emotionally detached from myself if that makes sense. I am zooming through everyday without thinking about life stuff connected to me. I can do it for my children but it's almost like I am - not here -  Bloody hell that was getting intense..moving swiftly on and for reasons which include she might happen across this blog one day I will not tell you of my VERY drunk friend's antics - But I know that the Host, the Tarot guy and I will NEVER forget this particular 'do'!

I looked after my impossibly beautiful niece and nephew for most of Friday as their newest sibling had to endure a battery of tests up at the hospital because he is jaundiced. Lets hope and pray he turns out to be fine.
I know I am biased but look how gorgeous he is!

 His big sister sleeping on Aunty Rachel's Knee - how angelic!

Yesterday I went to Fleetwood ( Home of the Famous Fisherman's Friends) to meet up with my friend and her family as they live far, far, far almost too far away now in Bath, and my friend had the good manners to marry a bloke from oop north so we get to see her when they are doing the obligatory relative stay! I also got a heavily discounted purple sleeping back season2/3 which I think means it'll keep me toasty warm from -13 ( YIKES) to about 13! It was less than half price! Julian Graves also had a 50% of everything sale, I bought a bucket of glace cherries, hence baking activities today!

Well done to  my beloved Wales and  FABULOUS win over those FFB England! Excellent Rugby!

Today I have already popped a shin beef stew in my slow cooker. I am about to make some cherry shortbread, cherry scones & flapjack (sans cherries) for packed lunch purposes next week. I am also going on a trip down memory lane and will attempt a 'Swiss Jelly'! This was one of the recipes I learned at school! 

I will be back later to report on my last day of freedom before work kicks in - and I don't even actually count the weekends as holidays as we get them for free anyway!


  1. Oooh I'm the host of an evening function!! I am trying to blank out aforementioned "antics".
    Yes, I agree, your niece and nephew are undeniably beautiful.

  2. *clicks like! oops wrong social networking page!

  3. How are those children simply so beautiful? I am still wondering if 1/2 way around the world would be too inconvenient of a place for their mother to drop them off when she has errands to run....


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