Saturday 19 February 2011

The other love of my life

I realised I havn't much ( if at all) mentioned the other love of my life. which is, going to concerts & gigs.
Live Music is like a drug to me. I  have many photos and videos of my time at some of the best gigs in the world. Well, OK, my life! My first true love is MUSE. Been to see them five times now and the last time was September at LCCC. I popped my mosh pit cherry there and I LOVED it. Although being covered in the pee that was being thrown about was something I did not particularly count as a highlight of my day!

This was when we first arrived. the stage was enormous and we manged wo wriggle our way RIGHT to the front. I had to - I'm 5ft NOTHING!


  1. I like live music too, but I don't like the idea of being crammed into a hall full of sweaty humans.

  2. In the past, Gorilla Bananas, I have ALWAYS gone for a seat for that very same reason - plus I adore people watching, and the sight of 30,000 people in a crowd on the floor in unison, viewed from above, is hypnotic. But I loved the fact that in the crowd, you get a totally different buzz. When they played Knights of Cydonia as their finale I swear I lwas LEAPING 6ft off the ground - the pressure was immense, it was exciting and all so anonymous too. Awesome :)

  3. Ah the head days of rock concerts... your right there is something addictive and anonymous about being in a crowd of thousands, your chest being turned inside out by pounding base from gigantic speakers, unable to stay in one spot as your swept along by the heaving hoards - 'fraid AC/DC were then me poison (still are truth be told!)along with others - tastes have changed as age and life changes my perspective - but would still go and see Angus given half the chance.

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  5. Hi John,
    I bet AC/DC are fab live. Apart from Spandau Ballet 'Through the Barricades' Tour Novemeber 1986 I was a late starter to gigdom. I love the buzz and the build up of the atmosphere as the venue begins to fill up. I am ALWAYS amazed and fascinated by the different ages of folks. I am 19 in my head and I wonder if everyone else is too - even the ones who look old enough to be my parents! My dream job is to work at the MEN! I suit yellow! I love the booming in your ears that stays with you for days. I love the fact that everyone there is there for the same reason. I hate the people who tut at you when they stay sitting and you get up on your feet but I don't care!!!! I could ( and will in subsequent posts) go on and on and on about gigs. Saw Muse at Wembley June 16th 2007 and I was willing to repeat the 18 hour journey the next day to go again but my daughter had the audacity to have her birthday on June 17th! How rude of her I thought! Darned inconsiderate! If you buy the HAARP CD my friend SWEARS it's us you can hear screaming on Time is Running Out!

  6. Me thinks that this year I'll have to do some gigs, one at least - you could have put your daughter up for adoption you know, people would have understood...


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