Thursday 24 February 2011

Thursday of Half Term blues...

It's Thursday. Half term has zipped by. Today I shall be trying out my negotiation skills. I am not sure I have any, ( though bartering the man in Millets down another tenner has given me confidence) but I am going to try for a much better phone from Orange when I ring up to renew my contract. I shall of course lie about leaving them. I do need to research what I could get on other networks/plans. It's looking like I shall be forced to get a touch screen phone. I am never ever having a Samsung again - the camera is SHOCKING.

Sony Erikksons I have found to have the best cameras. I'm not even that arsed about mp. I use a mobile for two reasons. Taking photos and texting. One of the down sides to a touch screen is I will no longer be able to text one handed.
I am now confused dot com - even by looking on like minded sites I am still unsure what to go with. Hmmmm

 O well I suppose I should get ready for my sister, who is coming to pick me up to go to the doctors with her. Harry, the baby I helped deliver ( see really early posts) is being checked for jaundice. Fingers crossed the little man is ok. He is far too sweet to be ill.

11.19am - back from town. Little man has to go to hospital for full check up so Aunty Rachel gets to baby sit the other three tomorrow! Madeleine must think I am unrinaryily obsessed! She is being potty trained ergo I ask her every two minutes if she needs a wee! She is bringing her potty tomorrow as wee wee on potty = sweeties! Hey, it worked for mine. Pavlov certainly knew his onions!

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  1. You're lucky you don't live in the Congo Basin. When it rains over here it's like someone's playing the drums on your head.


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