Wednesday 2 October 2013

Find Fostermummy aka FrugalMummy appeal!

I need your help lovely readers. My best blogging buddy has really awful techy news. Her blog VANISHED. Anyway she has started up a brand spanking new blog which makes my heart happy. If you were a previous follower you can find her here.
 This is what she said on the matter .... 

"Well, I came home tonight and logged on all ready (cuppa in hand) to tell you about my day,  give you some frugal ideas for Christmas, and show you my latest makings and bakings when... this* popped up, and told me that unless I paid money, I couldn't access my blog "my beautiful life" aka the fostermummy blog that I have  been writing for four years now.  I can't click to add things nor read back over what I have previously written for you. "

*The thing that popped up was a GoDaddy thing.

But don't worry because she's here>>>>>

Go click and say hello. Also, if you were following her old blog, please spread the word around.

Thanks xx


  1. Hi, I just popped over here via LovelyGrey and spotted this post from way back. When I followed your link to frugalmummy the blog was in another language but still recognisable. I did manage to find her and was allowed to follow and read.....soooo funny about MacD queue spotting.....but she has since disappeared again and I am worried that she has been 'bullied away' again....if you get my drift. If she has moved to another blog, is there a link through you, or if she has left completely and there is any way to send my best wishes to her can you do this? I am Dollyclothespeg and she commented on my blog (in the early days) a couple of times and I really appreciated it. Thank you x

    1. Hi you may have found it already, if not she is back again on :-) x


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