Friday 8 May 2020


On the whole, the weather oop North has been sunny and delightful. It rained for about 16 seconds yesterday and looks threatening today but I've thrown caution to the wind and pegged out anyway. My frind gifted me some cornflower plantlets as an unnecessary thank you for the tardis so they went in their final resting places yesterday. 

As a bit of enrichment yesterday, I let Bluebell go bobbing for apples, carrots and frozen peas. Kept her quiet for ten minutes.

I had a wander round the garden front and back taking shots of the beautiful flowers. The flag irises are almost open. 

The last two pictures make me laugh. The level of Candy Crush I am currently stuck on has the touch of Victor Meldrew about it! 

And this flukey shot of Bluebell on the field yesterday makes me think she is blowing a great big fat raspberry at all this lockdown mularky. Right, I am off to take her for a bit of ball chasing on the field. Yesterday, I kid ye not, a youth walked his little black lab puppy round the field accompanied by a SHEEP! Maybe a lamb - a yearling - it gambolled round enjoying itself immensely!
 I am not sure if our street is doing anything for VE day, I do know of folks having front garden parties. A tweet on twitter made me think this morning -
it said

His mum survived the blitz and she said the reality was quite different from the jolly nostalgia Anything that lifts the spirits in these hard days is a bonus and I have my Union Jack ready to display in my window.  I will be very mindful today and remember those that died for us.

Lots of Love from
Rachel *is going to make some scones later for VE day* Radiostar xx


  1. I can see where she's coming from but for me it's a celebration of thanks for the hardship and loss they endured for us. What they went through means we can live the lives we do now and have the freedoms we have. So, there's bunting up here as well.

    Love the apple bobbing game for Bluebell. You're the equivalent of a Tiger Mama with her lol. Enjoy the Bank Hol and have a lovely weekend. xx

  2. what a fab idea for bluebell, I may try one for our hound. Great flower pics.

  3. We are all having afternoon tea at 2pm today, we have our flag up, but no bunting. Its lovely here again, back in shorts and T shirt, making the most of being outside before you Northern lots send us soft southerners your cold winds.

  4. I often wonder just how differently people will look back and reminisce about this time of lockdown.
    Hope you enjoyed your scones. X

  5. That is rather my feeling about VE day, to be honest. We've turned it into something it really wasn't, I think. It's also very Anglo-centred now. It's V Europe not merely V England.
    Still - I suppose, as you say, if it lifts the spirits . . .
    Having said that, I found the two minute silence, out in the cul-de-sac with all the neighbours, a very moving experience. Quite different from the rest of it.

  6. That is an impressive level for candy crush. I gave up very early on. We did afternoon tea in the back garden. Our street is quite boring. Only a few go out on thursday evening to clap.
    Your flowers look wonderful.
    Might try veg bobin with basil


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