Thursday 28 May 2020

News of sweet new life!

First of all let me tell you that my friend is now the proud Grandma of a gorgeous little Grandaughter, safely delivered on May 23rd around lunchtime. She's a really good weight considering she was a few weeks early and Mum and Baby ( and Dad ) are all doing well and hopefully home Thursday Friday.
Id started knitting the other week and I was waiting to see what flavour the baby was going to be before I finished the button bands. Yesterday I was dithering which buttons to use but in the end I went with some little crystal ones that set the silver grey off perfectly. I almost went with the pink - but then thought neutral is best for matching!! I love it when I get  photos of  my  creations being worn/used and I log it down in my personal portfolio, even if the cardigan/creation is only worn/used once for that photo!

Hope they like it. I've started another little baby knit, but this time it's for the 'in case I have Grandchildren and I am unable to knit anymore drawer' as it would make me incredibly sad to think of all the babies out there who have worn something I created and my own children couldn't be gifted anything like that. Of course I will show you all once done. It's an old fashioned Matinee set - my absolute favourite to do. Although this one is not my favourite one as it has flipping MB all the way through it! For those non knitters out there it stands for Make Bobble and it's teeny needles and fine wool which is fair tricksy for me to do. it's in white with a hint of sparkle!!

The murder mystery night for Macmillan was brilliant fun. I was Bery Belter and the host sent us out our scripts and instructions. Everyone dressed up and got into character and much laughter ensued given the dodgy accents that were being banded about! I was NOT the killer and actually none of us bar the HG ( who wasn't taking an active part - just watching and listening ) worked out the real killer! Not saying who in case it's a one size fits all and others reading this might do it. It was by Macmillan for Macmillan and our little group managed to raise over £100 for them. It was fun.

My sister brought me an emergency lockdown jigsaw to do. She brought two - this is the first. Its' a London scene and I've done the edge pieces so far and a few red bits. I do try to pace myself eeking it out a bit!

Here is Madam Squishy Lips with her favourite ball. That she destroyed yesterday. I had to take it off her because it was a light up one and I could not risk her swallowing any of the innards of the workings. 

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It's going to be a scorcher so I am going to do a bit of weeding before it gets too hot and a quick squizz round with the hoover. I think Mr 23 is going to stroll Madam before it's too warm and she will be having her paddling pool out this afternoon I should think. I'm on the anti histamines and my allergy Factor 30/50 for prickly heat. The the none drowsy anti histamines wiped me out and I fell asleep at 7.30pm last night missing corrie and the sewing bee. So I have those to catch up on too. Think it's BBQ for tea, burgers and chicken kebab skewers. I shall drag myself to the shops for some lettuce as I have run out! I might  see how out of date the seeds I found in the shed are and plant some and pray!!

Right off I go
Lots of love from
Rachel * is going outside and she may be some time * Radiostar xxx


  1. What a lovely wee cardigan! I never thought about knitting for my future grandchildren in case I'm not able. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  2. Such a lovely cardigan, and a great idea to make your own little stash as well.

    Our dogs had one of those blue squishy light up balls. Our Chihuahua Percy destroyed it!

  3. Congratulations to your friend and her daughter & family. Good to read mummy and baby are doing well. The cardigan is gorgeous. I love the daisy detail, have you knitted that into the pattern or are they appliqued on? There's a baby at Toddler group who turns up in the most gorgeous hand knitted cardigans made by her doting Granny.

    The murder mystery sounds fun and well done on raising a good sum of money as well. I won't be taking part so you need to text me and tell me who did it and where because I'm a nosey b&&&&r! Have a good day. xx

  4. The little cardigan is precious. I love your idea of knitting ahead for future grandchildren. X


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