Tuesday 19 May 2020

Slimming World Lasagne....and cake

So I finally got my butt into gear and made the lasagne that I said I would do to the members of the SW Zoom meetings for the last three weeks.  I also made cakes.

So, I looked at the recipe and I searched my cupboards for the box of lasagne I have in the back of them for everrrrr only to discover I must have thrown it away like Maria Kondo would want me to!
I really could not be faffed with dry frying the mince etc and chopping all the veg, so like a rebel I opened the freezer door and went hunting...
into the pan I poured half a bag of frozen onion, some frozen garlic, some frozen mire poire ( carrot celery and more onion ). I added two red wine stock cubes that I'd dissolved already in a pint of water and then let go cold,  instead of the beef one in the recipe. I added a carton of passatta and some tomato puree - going off piste recipewise. I added the beef and some seasoning, brought it all to the boil and simmered for hours. Tasted vair vair good - am sure it was the wine cubes and the balamic vinegar - I also added a couple spoonfuls of icing sugar to balance the acidity - the calories dissolving away in such a big panful.

I'd already roasted me butternut squash with the SW roast potatoes I did on Sunday, so that was cold in a tub in the fridge. I added the quark, the nutmeg and some extra aromat and black pepper.

Grated 60g of parmesan , and then using handfuls of pasta shapes in place of the lasagne sheets, I assembled it, baked it and marvelled at how actually delicious and satisfying it really was!

The cakes were proverbially burning a hole in my pocket so to speak. I found some wholemeal self raising flour in the cupboard in the search for the lasagne sheets...I also found a bag of rice flour - riddled with mites *shudder* that went in the bin. The thing is right - where do these mites come from?The bag was brand new never opened and stored in an airtight container - hence nothing else was contaminated in there...so where did they come from????

Anyway using 225g marg as my measuring point, I made an all in one method cake using the same weights of flour, sugar and eggs. I used chocolate essence instead of vanilla extract, added a couple spoons of drinking chocolate powder and some chocolate chips. Made fairy buns - big ones. Then whipped some double cream with some fudge icing ready made, and voila! Really light and delicious! Totally cancelling out the lasagne's goodness!

I have worked from home today - attended a Zoom meeting and my first Microsoft teams meeting - the sound is better on microsoft but I do prefer zooming!

Maybe we should have a bloggy zoom meet up! I do try and keep anonymous on here but would love to meet up to say a face to face hello to my trusted blogging pals xx

Hopefully I should have a show and tell to share with you tomorrow. So very tired today. Woke at 4am and didn't really get back to sleep. Got up just before 6, made the HG lunch - his lunch and what I put in his sandwiches everyday could have a little page of their own on my blog! Leftover rare roast beef, a sprinkling of salt and a smear of mayonnaise on wholemeal bread today. Did the dishwasher unload and fed the dog. Stated watching The A word on the say so of a bloggy pal and enjoyed the first two!  Mr 23 took Bluebell out for her main walkies today - she might get a pre tea run on the field or post tea depending on how I feel. I've been proper headachey the last couple of days. I'm making the proper effort to wear my glasses.

Hope you all are fit well, fine and dandy.

Lots of love from
Rachel * Lasagne Queen but it was really a layered pasta bake* Radiostar xxx


  1. It's all about the taste, I made a sponge today with butter icing and jam, I'm telling you the calories per slice, but it taste good. Zoom was fat Larry's band, commence sing along.

    1. I saw your cake and WANTED some!! You hum it and I'll play it!

  2. Marie Kondo has a lot to answer for, I reckon!!!

    The lasagne sounds good. I'm intrigued by the recipe - is it the one on Lifeline Online?

    A Zoom or a Messenger get together could be a lot of fun. I'd be up for one.

  3. That lasagne does sound delicious. I'm definitely going to try this recipe, as I've never cooked with Quark before. I might even do it Rachel style, using pasta shapes, as I have plenty. They were only selling them in the HUGE bags at the supermarket last night.
    A Zoom meet up would be hilarious. I'm sure it would quickly descend into chaos.:) X

  4. I've had flour mites or weevils before in flour that had been in the cupboard for ages. Check your cupboard/shelf. They don't just live in the flour they tend to go for walkies and get into other stuff as well.

    The lasagne/pasta bake sounds delicious and those cakes look so scrummy. When I get a Tesco delivery again in the next decade I'm definitely putting some of those stock cubes on the list.

    Love The A Word but I can remember thinking and also posing the question on my blog, what parents in their right mind would really let their 5 year old autistic child wander down a country road in the middle of nowhere on their own?! xx


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