Friday 1 May 2020

May already

Hello there and welcome to May 2020. Mid lockdown thanks to Corona virus. I am missing the freedom of choice to come and go as we please but I can cope with this. First things I will do is go to the coast with the dog and see Miss 25 maybe Miss 26 by then ( 17th June ). Doesn't 26 sound a lot older than 25? Only 2 years off the title of my blog! I have changed the bio bit over there >>>>>>>>

Madam B and my bluebells now on their way out. 
I have been happily plonked in my craft room faffing about with felt. Using the offcuts from the school work I'd done I made some rabbitty ears and a rabbity head using my Luna Lapin pattern. As usual, being last minute, it was for my friend's birthday today so I machined her instead of sewing by hand. I also had a go at the coat. I will now make one for my own Luna! And then I might make some clothes for the Badger!


Miss Pinkeyes is born!
Miss Browneyes says her nose is better than mine!


I woke up renewed and full of will powers, so I blended 40g oats, an egg, some fat free yogurt, a splash of vanilla extract and a teaspoon of sweetener and baked some waffles in the oven. Whilst that was on, I rescued a rather wrinkled old butternut squash that was laid to rest in the downstairs fridge, all forlorn. It was chopped up, sprayed with frylight and seasoned and slowly roasted. I havea recipe for a low calorie low syn lasagne that uses roasted butternut squash puree instead of cheese sauce. I will try anything once. I had a piece though and it was delicious! Took me all my time to not stand there and scoff the lot!

About to go in, spices used were ground cumin, a bit of season all and some BBQ seasoning. 

Back to the garden. Some of my absolutely favourite flowers are budding now and in abundance. I love flag iris with their gorgeous colour. My friend also gifted me some baby cornflower plants as a thank you for the gift of the tardis. They are coming on a treat too.
What are you having for tea tonight? Our house smells sooo good as Mr 22 is making a butterbean and sweet potato tikka masalaa and my mouth is watering. No such healthy nonense for the HG. He has reqyuested a full English, only it'll have to be a part English because i am without mushrooms and I cannot be bothered to go to the shop! The HG is already in pjs - our 'lounge wear' as he calles them after having a mid afternoon shower. He has been busy knocking off all the old render from the back of the house and repointing it all/ The 100 years plus stonework underneath is delightful but although I would really really like it to be left exposed, it's being smoothed back over and we are going to paint it. The HG laughed as he asked me what colour BUT to his amazement I suggested a soft stone or grey. He thought I'd demand blue! I am thinking more  near the stone colour as grey could look dirty. Next door but one has theirs all white which looks smart but isn't for me. Another one along had been pebbledashed. A big thumbs down from me!
I have a few things on the go craftwise as well as Bluebell's jumper to finish! I think I am working from home again next week, unless called in for back up but then I am in the week after that.

Off to eat some delicious smelling vegetables not cooked by me hooray and to dry fry some bacon and sossiges for the HG. Bluebell already has been spoiled today with scrambled egg for her breakfast so she will be having her usual biscuits. She's whining at me now telling me it's teatime!

I have a lovely Saturday planned. Same as I did today! Pottered about. We have a zoom meeting with our friends tomorrow night. I am loving watching the Chase at night too. It's stopped raining and the sun has come back out. 

Lots of love from

Rachel *slave to my dog* Radiostar xx


  1. The bunnies and badger are so lovely. And the coat you made is gorgeous.

  2. Another really lovely post packed with things. How do I choose what to comment on?
    I think that wee coat is absolutely beautiful and so detailed.

    Have a lovely day and enjoy the concert.

    1. Maybe I should pace myself with my show and tells hahaha xx It was the coat that first caught my eye at the show that made me investigate with my purse haha

  3. The three friends are all so adorable. You are very talented, Rachel. The jacket and cardigan have me squealing with delight, but bemoaning my lack of stitching skills. X

  4. The toys are fantastic and that coat is gorgeous. You're more talented than you let on! You should get a few made and do a craft stall when all this Covid malarkey is over and done with. xx


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