Friday 29 May 2020

Friday’s thoughts.

I have plenty!
I think my dander was got up by a hateful comment on a dear friend's blog that was frankly unnecessary.
But in all honesty, a LOT of the people living in my vicinity have been interpreting the rules their own way.
Delayed gratification is what I HAVE to teach the cherubs in my Nurture Group. It's basically a temper tantrum, way past the age of two, because they cannot get their own way and that's whats happening now for a lot of brats. The people up the road having parties for VE day with no social distancing?  Brats. Massive gang of teenage girls sat on the field where I walk Bluebell, clearly thought the clouds of extra strength perfume would protect them and hide the stench of the weed they were smoking - Brats.

I blame the parents!
The VE party Brats - I nipped to the Spar having JUST watched the news where we'd been told that as from Monday, up to 6 people can meet in a garden as long as they are 2m apart - the car with the mother in almost ran us over speeding round the corner - I joked to the HG, bloody hell, now it's been on the news , off they go....lo and behold on our return - said car parked up. Obviously in too much of a rush to hear the From Monday bit.

 It's now a very long time since I have seen my daughter in the flesh, but I am still willing to wait a little bit longer in order to keep her and us as safe as possible. The stories I've seen about the disease keeps me sticking to the rules as much as I can. Brats obviously do not care about the fact it is WEEKS in hospital if you are unlucky to be one of the ones who don't have a mild case and only now the recurring issues and difficulties of recovery are coming to light.  What do Brats not understand about ORGAN FAILURE?? They clearly already sufferrom some extent - their key porgan being the brain.

School - Ours has never been shut, and I have continued to work both in the building and at home. It makes me laugh to see some of the Brats who were the first ones calling for the schools to shut  at the start of the pandemic -  openly berating the school and staff on Facebook are the same ones now wanting schools to reopen, berating the staff for being lazy and getting paid for nothing. Hideous, hateful Brats. Incidentally, the packs of work you requested  from your offspring at the start, because you had no internet to download things from the massive amounts of online learning my colleagues put on, is STILL waiting to be collected in the school foyer. I think maybe you used up all your internet slagging the school off on Facebook and you've been too busy none socially distancing with all your bratty mates to call in, or maybe it was because your arms were too full of crates of beer for afore mentioned party that you couldn't possibly collect some printing full of fun activities you could be doing with your feral brats.

OOOOOO I got a little bit Miss Ranty Pants there didn't I.
I think the Welsh have it right. Stay Local, for now.
Having said all of that, there are plenty of Non Brats out there, following the advice, trying to stay as safe as they can and doing a brilliant job of home schooling. I cant talk, at the start of all this, with all the training I was going to do with Bluebell, we'd be the next Ashley and Pudsey on Britain's Got Talent!!

However, she is beginning to trot a little bit with much persuasion and biscuits but only sat down. Going take a massive bag of sausages I think to get her doing it standing. If you look in any Springer Spaniel book, it tells you they are eager to please. Yes, THEMSELVES!

It is very very hot and sunny so I was out before 7am this morning with her and we went to the park where they are not cutting the grass in areas and it looks lovely and gives me brilliant photo and video opportunities. It was already showing as 14C on my watch at 7am but it did feel warmer. I was careful not to let her run around too much.

I do have a video of her springing about but think I have to add it to you tube first so I might have a look see later. 

I also did a very pleasing activity yesterday. Having raided my haberdashery for the trimmings for the little cardi, I sat with the boxes in the sun and untangled, and stroked and admired all my trimmings, recalling fondly of the projects I had in mind when I was buying it all!!

I'm going to knit a row or two of the matinee jacket outside whilst I fill the paddling pool for Mrs Springypants. She is currently sprawled, legs akimbo on the sofa next to me.
I think a slow cooker beef curry in on the cards - I have some lovely lean braising steak to use - cannot really be faffed to do it traditionally with mash n veg!

Have a very very lovely socially distant day everyone!
I loved this that someone put on twitter.

If 6 people think they can meet up in my back garden as of next Monday, they can piss off.
I am not the fucking  National Trust!

I am both NT and EH an I think we can now book online to visit places. Mind you , if it's anything like the supermarket delivery slots, I'll look forward to a visit Mid November!

Lots of love from

Rachel *Day 4 of no biscuits, maybe that is the reason for my snarkiness* Radiostar xxx


  1. Oh yes, you made me smile and chuckle as my head nodded along in agreement.
    Brats do indeed abound as my morning shop proved once again.
    On the whole though, most shoppers were considerate to others.
    My neighbours like to interpret the guidance loosely loudly and smokily!
    However, my garden is full of feathered visitors, bringing joy AND pooh and entertaining the household.
    Especially the cats who are fortunately too hot to venture out and play chase.

    I hope you have a good weekend.
    Your rants are great! Honest, reassuring and good for you and us:)

  2. Ps loved looking through your habidashery bits.

  3. There have been some very strange personal interpretations of the guidelines since all this started hasn't there. A lot of people seem to have become very self focused on their right to do things because obviously they have some get out clause as to why they're different than everybody else going on in their heads.

    We'll carry on sticking to the original rules as much as possible as well. I don't particularly fancy 6 people in my garden even socially distanced, although I'm desperate to see Sienna and there's only 3 of them. I hope you get to see your daughter as soon as you feel it's safe to do so.

    All these new announcements seem to have left people forgetting the virus is still out there. It's not just magically disappeared overnight. The reason the numbers are coming down is because the majority of people haven't been out unless they've absolutely had to. I can see it flaring up again and I don't want to be any part of it. But try telling that to some people.

    I do love a good rummage through a haberdashery stall. I've a box of bits and bobs I've used on things and it's a bit like getting the photograph album out, remembering when....

    Laughing at the description of Springer Spaniels being eager to please themselvese. I think it's a spaniel trait in general. All Wendy is interested in is cuddles and food. The more she can get of the latter the better. Have a lovely day and thanks for your texts, it means a lot and you always have me laughing. xx

  4. Our neighbour have been hosting her families with grandchildren in her house and garden all the way through. Last weekend her boyfriend came and stayed a few days!! We have not seen daughter and grandsons outside anywhere. She has driven here a couple of times and they have stayed in the car, so we can wave and blow kisses to Will. Another neighbour who has been shielding for 11 weeks, has been really ill, was taken into hospital long enough for test and then sent home, still very ill, but safer at home, he was tested for covid19, but thankfully it was negative, we now have to wait 7 days to hope he did not catch it whilst in hospital. I feel your anger, some stupid people just don't get it.

  5. Plenty of brats here too but, as you say, plenty of people still keeping their heads down as much as possible. I know we are in this household. Do you also get peed off by people on tv moaning about how they can only see their relatives through a window? My terminally ill mother lives half the length of the country away. My sister lives an ocean away. I am a carer, so no popping off to see them on a whim at the best of times (I was due to go and see my Mum for the first time in a year when lockdown kicked in. I haven't seen my sister for 4 years.) I would be more than happy to see them through a window! Ditto, enjoying nights out/social events that it seems half the country can't live without. When the country gets back to 'normal' I wonder if anyone will spare a thought for people who live this way pretty much all the time without making a song and dance about it. I doubt it!

  6. Ha ha Rachel, I'd definitely be snarky if I'd not had a biscuit for a few days! Have a lovely weekend x

  7. I totally get your rant, there are so many who just don't get it but to have that sort of behaviour right in your face must be so maddening, I'm lucky that I live in a cul de sac and everyone seems to be following the guidelines but once I walk out of here and down to the sea front it's a different story. I love your doggy pictures and all that lovely haberdashery, I'm so impressed with how tidy it all is, I really must sort mine out. Have a great weekend. x


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