Sunday 8 December 2019


watch this space - I am on the verge of launching my *global brand of handmade dog accessories.
When I figure out how, I will be probably adding a page to this blog, dabble in an etsy shop - or look at the gubbins of it etc
When I say handmade - I mean handmade by little old me
When I say global - I have already sold one thing and sent it to Belfast
When I say dog accessories - I mean dog walking bags and bandannas, maybe welly bags for boots of cars and pet feeding mats.
Here's a quick look see at what I've been doing.

A lot of folks on Instagram etc will have seen these already! I cannot keep up with demand and have beautiful new fabric combinations coming all the time. The majority of my bags are waterproof too. 

What's new in Blogland?  Hope everyone is well and Christmas is going to be ok for all of you xx

Lots of love from

Rachel * Entrepewotsit soon to be appearing on Dragon's Den* Radiostar xxx


  1. Your sewing looks very good, sadly we don't have a dog, Freddie makes a great model. Christmas is on plan, but someone is bound to muck up our plans, but who cares we will be family together.

  2. Oh my word.....your makes look amazing.
    What an exciting venture for you. I wish you every success with it.
    Big Hugs-x-

  3. So do you mean I could have been following you on Instagram ?? I’ve sent a request. I miss you on here😊PennyL xx

  4. Wow - that's fantastic. Wishing you all the very best of luck with this. May it shoot to the stars!

  5. Ooh hello, you've been gone ages! I love your dog walking bags, how big are they and what's the hole for? xx

    1. Hi Sooze, they measure
      small 6" wide by 8"long
      med 7 x 9
      lge is 8 x 10
      The hole is for poo bags! The poo bags go in the little pocket at the front and you can then just pull them out as you need them with no ferreting about in pockets, or opening bags up etc. The second pocket is the treat pocket - ideal for training and inside is a pocket for your phone and space for keys etc.

    2. Oh wow, you've thought of everything! Well done. Are you selling them on Instagram?

  6. Wow, I love all the things you've made. If it's anything like here your things will be flying out the door. I absolutely love the little bags. Good for you!

  7. They look really professional, I'm sure you'll sell loads of them. If Amy were home to walk the dogs I'd buy one but Mark is chief dog walker now and he just shoves 4 bags in his coat pocket! The hole for the bags is ingenious. xx

  8. Hi Rachel, I'm interested in your dog walking bags but don't know how to get in touch with you....have only just joined Instagram but don't know how to send private messages! (sorry, i'm a techie disaster). You can get hold of my email address from my blog if you want to do it that way. Thanks


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