Tuesday 29 December 2015

Tuesday already

This time next week I will be back at work. Rolling some poor unfortunate soul into the recovery position and saying things like, 'hello, can you hear me I've come to help' and 'point to point'  when applying slings etc. Yes it's the dreaded triennial First Aid Training. Although this time I will be able to do it with trusted friends and colleagues! Last time ( I think I blogged it ) I was on my own with complete strangers!! Not my favourite day out ever! Also due to
Hurty knee any one I save from a cardiac arrest is going have to be dying on a school sized table because that is where I am able to do my Nellie the elephant routine upon them. 

Today, like most of my friends in real life and in Blogland, I've been cleaning and washing like an employee of Widow Twanky. Two huge dark loads already washed, dried and distributed. I cannot say for certain they've been put away yet! The white load plus my bedding is tumbling as I type! 
Even though my decorations stay up till 12th Night I have put the table back in its normal place against the back wall. The chairs have all been wiped down with some nourishing leather wipes! The skirting board shave all been done. A load of boxes and clutter that had gathered has been processed. It's been a gloriously sunny day so theHG did the front windows in and out. It all looks and smells lovely again! 

Tea is going in in a minute. Sausage mash and beans. No one can face another roast dinner! This was The Day After Boxing Day's Tea. ( see Sadie!!!! ) 

Yesterday I was chauffeured to Hobbycraft. I bought some wool for the HG's jumper. Some baby soft merino wool just because I couldn't resist it! 
I also picked up a bargain tapestry frame kit from £10 that had £13 off. Also a little cross stitch kit to get me practising!! 
We called in to Waitrose for a look because it was there. I got a whopping piece of best beef for less than half price, it's gone in the freezer and I reckon there's a minimum of 8 meals in it. I also picked up some stuff for when I stop eating all the things. Some lentil curls which are a tasty 99 calorie snack etc! 

Not much else to say except that Miss 21 came with us  ( Mr 18 declined my kind offer of a day out with the parents ) and I don't know if it was because she was up early, but she was a bit 'nowty' and was doing 'that voice' but when the nice shop assistant in Next asked me if I needed help with exchanging anything, I said without hesitation or even blinking, 
"Yes please, I'd like to exchange this daughter for a more pleasant one or I'll just have a refund Thank You." 

Me and the HG found this hilarious! Miss 21 cracked a smile too! The shop assistant just backed away slowly!! 
New Zealand is very very far away. 
 There's not enough days left now until she goes.  Gulp.

I'd like to say thank you for all your comments too. I love them! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *keeps tripping up over the new rug because we've not had one before* Radiostar xxx

( new rug - half price in Next! ) 


  1. Ditto, the washing machine and tumble drier have been going non-stop and there's more to do tomorrow. Thank goodness I don't iron sheets. Keep picking those feet up.

    1. Well, my washing basket is empty right now, however I'm sure it'll be magically half full again by tomorrow morning!

  2. Same sort of things happening here today in the cleaning out department. I've chucked loads of stuff out and M has decorated the hall and landing. Curry here tonight (takeaway), although now I want sausage, mash and beans :o) I once told a shop assistant who asked me my age when buying booze (34, I kid you not) that I could have kissed him. He grinned in a rather worried way :o) Have a lovely evening and stop tripping over that rug, woman! xx

    1. It's settling into its new position and I'm more used to it being there!! LOL at the young man in the shop!

  3. I have no problemwith doing my washing. I use solar and wid power to dry my washing wich can be a problem when they don't come together. The last couple of days have been great and managed to catch up.
    That yarn looks lovely and soft.

    1. I think if I were pegging out today id need ultra strength storm pegs and washing line brollies!!

  4. Laughing at you trying to exchange your daughter.....I would have gone for the refund and gone back to Hobbycraft.....lol.
    Ooooooh sausage, mash and beans.....real comfort food. I may copy you tomorrow as we have had our tea.
    Watch that rug...you don't want any more hurties-x-

  5. Cleaning and washing done here today too - must be something in the air - probably wind and sunshine! (outdoor weather wind, I mean, I wasn't making a personal comment!)

    1. I can sit in my nice clean house and watch the storm rage on outside today


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