Monday 14 December 2015

Oh bloody hell!!

Not looking forward to tomorrow. If the kids that have been away today for the rehearsals don't turn up tomorrow then I'm IN THE SODDING NATIVITY MYSELF!!! 

Tree is 97% done. Life kept getting in the way. Cooking, washing etc 

Nine sets of purple and white lights are on this tree. I have 5 sets of purple lights that have not gone on. These will be used around the house.  I don't like a dark tree! I also spend ages standing at the far end of the room with squinty eyes so I can see any blatantly obvious dark spots. Do you do this scientifically tested method? 

Next on go my exclusively purple and silver ornaments that I've been collecting for 23 years.  Not pink, not cerise, but proper purples. No branch goes unadorned!  I'm most definitely the opposite of a minimalist tree person. 

Lastly, strings of fancy sliver and purple garlandy beads go on - I've not finished it yet, but couldn't resist giving you all a sneaky peak! 

It is a lovely tree, the shape is perfect! 
The bushy branches are challenging to get baubles and bling 'just so'. 
Here are a few shots of my yesteryear trees! 
2008 - old style TV! And yes you will notice my curtains and decor are still the same as now! That's because I love it so! Also I love my purple velvet cloak clad Father Christmas on the top! 
2009, still my old wooden Windows! 

A shot from the bottom in 2010
A peak into one of my boxes in 2012

Last year - my poor old black tree giving up under the strain of all those decorations!! 

Festive Fire ! 

So things you may now know about me. 
I'm a bit OCD with my tree! I don't like change. And I've approximately £10000 of Christmas decorations!!! 

Today was the Fair and I've been so busy I forgot to take photos of the salt dough gingerbread men.  There are a few spare so I might catch them tomorrow. The fair started at 3.25pm 
The junior bell goes at 3.20pm
A child in my class sicked up big style all over the carpet at 3.17pm. This was not pleasant. 

I'm now over tired , fretting for tomorrow. 
Full dress rehearsal in the morning for the whole school, first performance 2pm then Night Owls then the final performance at 6pm. 

Like I said at the beginning 
Not looking forward to tomorrow. If the kids that have been away don't turn up then I'm IN THE SODDING NATIVITY MYSELF!!! 

I will need to wear a tea towel on my head ( shepherd ), put on a dicky bow tie ( inn keeper ) , change into all black outfit ( narrator numbers 8 and 20 ) 
And somehow be at the front mouthing words and gurning at the children!! 

At least I don't think this will happen... 

A text from the teacher I've worked closely with putting on this shebang.. 

"Yup - that's us staying at school! I shall pop to Spar for choccy, I think! We'll need it. 
Still, the stories from KS1 nativity are cheering me up. It can't possibly be worse than theirs. Friday they had willy - out fiddling and today a full on fight. :-)"

I'll let you know how we get on!  Though I can quite categorically state I will not get my willy out and fiddle with it. Can't promise about the fight....

Lots of love from 
Rachel * Mare Reeee is gunnar rav a bay beeeeee* Radiostar xxx


  1. OMG..........your posts absolutely crack me up.
    I will be agog now for your next post to find out if you ended up being in the nativity.
    I'm at my grandaughters in the morning and I can;t wait.
    Hope yours goes well............good luck.
    Lovely tree by the way. I love lights........the more the merrier I say.

    1. I think we need all the luck in the world - it's so long we've only managed to rehearse it in two halves!!! We've never actually put it together! Thanks for your lovely tree compliment!! *preens*
      I bet you cry tomorrow at your nativity - especially if they do silent night or away in a manger!

    2. Well they didn't do any songs I had heard before but they were flippin' fabulous.......and yes I did cry.

  2. well it's all looking lovely and festive. :O) yes, I stand and squint too, but I still find afterwards that I will have a massive dark spot somewhere. something I really noticed when doing my 'trees of the past' pic!

    Am up at ungodly hour due to Violet being pretty sick throughout the night. It's just turned a little after 4 and she's finally dropped off to sleep. So no school for her, though she has absolute no school play/assembly pre Christmas, which is nice and festive (!) but just as well.

    Hope you don't have to be the star of the Nativity all by yourself!

    1. I do know it off by heart but I'm not prepared to take it on myself! It's a massive show stopper of a nativity this tear! Full on musical! I'm happy to sit on the front on a back crippling, leg crippling teeny chair from reception and hiss lines at the cherubs!

  3. That tree - wow!!!

    Good luck with the play!

    J x

    1. Oo Joy, I very nearly deleted this comment by mistake through a coughing fit!! Thanks for the luck! I'm taking it with me stuffed down my bra so it's close to my heart!

  4. Wow! the tree looks great. All the best for todays nativity. looking forward to hearing all about it.

  5. The tree looks great. I can't wait to hear about how the Nativity goes. A little bit of me wants to hear that you had to take all the extra parts, not because I am mean but because I know you will write about it in a way that will be hysterically funny. I do hope all goes well x

  6. As parents and now grand parents all we see is our young cuties doing so well, it's hilarious to hear your side. Sams nativity is tomorrow.

  7. Great tree. Break a leg for tomorrow. You'll be a star!

  8. Or was it a shepherd and an inn keeper?

  9. The only child I'd be praying was sick would be the Angel. I always wanted to be an Angel but alas in my day there was no equality or inclusion and only blonde haired blue eyed nasty horrible girls got the part. Honestly, I'm so over it!

    The tree looks fab. Just like one of those you see in fancy pancy stores that I always admire. Absolutely crammed with lights and fancy ornaments. Beautiful.

    Laughed out loud at the willy and fight. No good nativity should be without a few excrutiatingly embarrassing moments for both teachers and parents. Can't wait to hear how KS2 get on. Go break a leg. xx

  10. What a fab post. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Loving your tree. I am a bit OCD when it comes to Christmas in general. Yesterday I made 4 dozen mince pies and extra pastry so just hope I don't run out of my mincemeat now!


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