Thursday 17 December 2015

Gulp, it's. Junior. Disco. Day

I've only just recovered from Junior. Nativity. Day and yesterday's Christmas lunch. And today I face working in a hideous nightmare if your hideous nightmare is over excited infants having their Christmas Party and the completely unruly Juniors heavily anticipating their disco later on.

This week is 
D r a G G I n G! 
I'm not even working particularly hard compared to most of my knackered colleagues!! I don't have the stress of all the data and progress reports they are doing right now. But I'm still tired out. This is my favourite term though! 

So, most of you wanted to hear about the Nativities and I'm happy to report all three performances were brilliant! 

The best one was the first one performed to the school. 

The 2pm show to parents had most of the front row looking like they were going to fall asleep.the children, not the parents.  I was hissing at them encouraging them to SIT UP from my most vulnerable position of sitting on a tiny chair on the front row right in the middle of no man's land the parents. One shepherd kept the rest of the shepherds amused by closing and opening the headdress ( obligatory tea towel and string ) like a pair of curtains. The same shepherd was also guilty of gurning, overly dramatic yawning, looking at me and mouthing WHAT???? after finally giving me eye contact so I could do my strongest teacher glare etc 
There was fidgeting, shoving, sliding mostly from the afore mentioned shepherd. 

The parents were charmed and clapped in all the right places! 

Then the grand finale. I didn't have a break from cheeldren at all because as soon as the last Night Owl was collected by 5.29pm, my class were galloping across the playground as they'd been told to be back at 5.30pm. Thankfully there were stand ins for the five children who hadn't turned up so I didn't have to perform a thing! Sorry to disappoint any of you who were waiting to hear of me floating around in a white nighty for the Angel dance. Soz! 

The hall was packed. Every ticket sold. The cast ( mostly the front row ) had been read the riot act and had been heavily encouraged to be sitting up and singing when they should be. 

You could tell they were tired but they did pull it off! The audience was charmed and the staff were rightfully proud, though  'proud' is a strong adjective when Shepherd Curtains was reminded ( via the art of a hard, long stare ) not to bite their nails ....they did....but then they started stroking the sheep they were holding in a slightly sinister Bond villain way! 

Such fun! It was also the Christmas Dinner Day. Staff serve the children and everyone pitches in. Then the staff sit together and share the meal ( turkey, sausage, stuffing, mash, roasties, veg n gravy ) and Xmas Pud with cream heavily laced with brandy! Then we do Secret Santa! I got this! 

I don't know who it was from, but I love that they took the time to find something I'd love, however I'm sure they broke the £5 rule! I bought Christmas Decs and sweets for mine. They love ANYTHING Christmas and are renowned for their sweet habit in the staffroom!! 

Here are a few of the salt dough gingerbread men and the remaining lady! 
Some of them are the stuff of nightmares! 
Zombie Gingerbread Men unite and take over!!

So it's almost the last day of term. I'm really looking forward to the carols in the church with the school tomorrow afternoon and then the seriously Christmassy grown up choir singing at the Priory church in town tomorrow night! Staff night out on Saturday then I can finally get on with all the stuff that needs doing at home!! The tree is as finished as it's going to get,
I love this bottom section !! 

I've just the rest of the decorations to put up.

Right, time to get a wriggle on 
Lots of love from 

Rachel *loving Christmas* Radiostar xxx


  1. LOL - I LOVE those gingerbread men, they are fantastic!

    1. Would you like one? I will smuggle one out for you!!

  2. Lovely memories of younger siblings and son in Christmas plays. I expected to see a silver and purple tree skirt there. Naomi has a red, green and gold one. My baking day is next Tuesday, ready for Fran's arrival on Wednesday.

    1. I'm ashamed that I have not got one!! I'm baking next Wednesday. Sausage rolls, apple crumble cakes and mince pies !

    2. I'm baking on Wednesday too! :o) x

  3. PS I hope you can remember the moves to Agadoo and the Chicken Song, not to mention The Macarena.

    1. It's all a it 'Gangnam Style' now Pam! Mind you my knees won't allow me to get on the floor to oops upside your head anymore so I'm glad we are not in the 80s!!

  4. Brilliant! Your posts always put a smile on my face :-) xx

  5. Love, love, love the gingers.....especially the middle pic he's so cute.
    Your tree looks amazing now it's finished.
    Hope the disco wasn't too bad. I couldn't do it without having to lie down in a dark room afterwards.

    1. If you want him, I can smuggle him out for you!

  6. This all brings back memories. We were completely knacked by the end of term but all looking forward to our own Christmases. Best of luck tonight being a bouncer! Don't forget the toilet patrol and the 'no sweets or drinks on the dance floor' rule. The best way to get them all to go home at the end is to open all the doors and let the cold air in.

  7. oh crikey, you make me laugh! I feel so robbed. Violet never did a proper Nativity. We've had 'Father Christmas needs a wee', and I can't remember anything else, but never anything 'proper'. Would have loved to see her as the Virgin Mary. Waving at me while swinging baby Jesus around.

    School disco tonight - attendance based - the irony being that Violet was one of the 'lucky ones' who had good enough attendance and she's still off sick! ha ha.

    Oh, your gingerbread men are corking! Love the stuff of nightmares one. Violet made me watch Topsy & Tim last night, a festive episode. They were making decs, Topsy made the scariest monster thing from a pine cone. I think it was meant to be a robin or something ... flipping heck, if you found that on your tree you'd call in pest control.

    Hope the disco goes well and no one is sick in a paper bag. Love the doorstop! So cute!
    :O) x

  8. Sounds like fun, our grandson was OK in his 1st half and looked as if he was going to fall asleep in the second half. Starting at 6pm is Ok but Sam in always in bed by 7pm.

  9. It sounds like the most wonderful day and the most perfect nativity play day! Lots of memories made for lots of people I am sure! Your secret santa gift is wonderful isn't it! Happy Christmas! xx


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