Wednesday 30 December 2015

2nd post of the day

Those eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted a post this morning that was so muddled I had to take it down. 
I'd been looking back at Secember posts from years gone by! The one I was bringing you was from 2011. I'll just post a screen shot instead! 
I've not seen Helene in a while. I'm going to send her a message to see how she is. 
I used to dash off quick n qwirky poems all the time! I've not written one in ages! 
Anyway, Annabeth saw it and commented.... 
 I will reply here Annabeth - after four years, my finger is fine!! I do use grease proof and clear my film now to individually wrap everything! 

Back to today. 
Miss 21 braved Storm Frank and has gone to Newcastle for New Year's Eve celebrations. I'm being bossed about on a regular basis by my Christmas Present off the HG...
This was last night! 
However, right now I'm on my bum in front of this. This is a live photo of my fire! 
 I have made a start on this ...
This is what the HG picked out of my pattern book 'Knits for Men' ! 
So I casted on 
And I've decided to note down how many minutes I'm knitting for as it goes along because I am a really slow knitter and I'm curious as to how many months this will take! I reckon it'll be just about ready for the heatwaves we'll no doubt have in August!! 
As I hate doing them so much I've started with a sleeve! 
This took me one hour. 
I was also drinking a cup of tea, dunking biscuits and chatting to the HG and Mr 18 too. 

An afternoon nap may have happened too! I've taken some lamb neck fillet out of the freezer to make a hotpot in the slow cooker. It's oven baked jackets tonight with roasted tomato salad for me and with gammon for the men. 

One thing I've noticed in the last few posts to me, my blog looks different. I mean when I post it, it's like it's changed fonts part way through. I only ever use my phone to post but  think I need to get on a PC to fettle on the Blogger dashboard. It's annoying me! 

This is about two hours in total! I reckon some of you would have finished it by now!! The stitch marker is there to remind me that this is the right side. It's partly knitted in reverse stocking stick and with my shocking short term memory I'd be bound to forget!! 
I also wanted to show you this! Remember the 'knit your own cushion' set I got sans instructions from M&S. 
I emailed them with my plight.. 

What a lovely email!! 
I do love good customer service. 
Lots of love from 

Rachel *off to prick some spuds* Radiostar xxx


  1. I could do with something on my wrist to get me moving, preferably not a parrot, possibly something from Tiffany. I have made a few stars and have trawled around the net looking for sparkly white wool for snowflakes. I will look in Neath tomorrow, I really do not want to go to Hobbycraft as it means trailing into Swansea. I want to look at the yarn to see how sparkly it is.

    1. I'm knitting a sparkly matinee jacket, I can send any spare, though not sure when!!!

    2. Hi Pam (hope you don't mind Rachel)
      Poundland have white sparkly yarn that might do. They have other colours too.

    3. Mnay thanks I found it and now have it in the crochet bag. 3 for 2 as well, bonus.

  2. I think that looks a decent amount of knitting for 2 hours. I prefer knitting to crochet, (I'm better at it and can read knitting patterns), but it doesn't grow quickly enough for me. I like your watch. Do they come in "time to sit down and relax" designs lol. That live fire looks so inviting, no wonder your bum is attached to the chair. xx

    1. I cannot read crochet patterns at all! I keep trying to. Learn!

  3. Well done on the e-mail! Glad to know that your finger is better after all this time, it would have been a worry otherwise! Your post looks fine! xx

    1. Cheers Amy! Though I have a little sympathy cut only little finger!

  4. I have an Up, and if I sit still for an hour it vibrates and scares the hell out of me, all our dec's are gone, we are away tomorrow.

  5. Were the knitting instructions for the jumper in the photo followed? It looks inside out.

    1. Yes, Philip, I did say it's reverse stocking stitch. It's the design of the jumper. Parts of it are intended to look inside out.

    2. Ah , the reverse stocking stitch. I missed that, thanks.

  6. This is about two hours in total! I reckon some of you would have finished it by now!!

    ROFL Rachel.........I would probably have done about three rows in two hours-x-

  7. LOL, so glad that your burgerfinger was saved and is good as new by now!

    It may take a bit longer than you wish but the knitting looks very neat and even, with a nicely defined rib;did you do the knit stitches through the back loop? If so, I'm not surprised it took a while longer.


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