Wednesday, 20 November 2013


No, not the wooden variety that I have around my house and garden, but an exercise gauntlet thrown down by my super fit niece . Have a look at her post - it seems so deceptively easy.

Balance on hands and toes in a straight line. Hmmmmm
The bits I will struggle with are
1. Getting down on the floor in the first place - my dodgy knee and the adjective ungainly springs to mind
2. Getting back up off the floor - you are probably familiar with the image of a darted bull elephant regaining consciousness and getting up to return to the jungle.
3. Holding my belly up off the floor - I'll be using it to lean on!!
4. Not sticking my bum up in the air
5. Breathing whilst doing this

So here goes Bexx ..... I may need medical assistance after this!

I'd also like to thank the lovely people who gave me lots of ideas re dressing up for Friday. I'll let you know how we get on :-) that is, if I survive this morning's adventures!! 

First Plank Time - watch the video she recommended.
Done! Easy. No pain what so ever - no sign of a six pack though.... 

Ok here I go ....

Bloody hell that's hard! I tried to be as flat as I could. There's a lot of inner trembling and it feels like you can't go on! I think I forgot to breathe but I was concentrating on being butt down, tum up, being still!! I think I must have been doing it wrong though because I didn't collapse till 16 seconds!! Look

I will have another go tomorrow!! ( Then the novelty will probably wear off! ) 

What new things will you try today? 

Rachel Abs of Steel Radiostar xxx 

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  1. That's a fab time for a first go! :)

    It is pretty deceptive... Looks easy, but is horrible! xx


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