Thursday, 21 November 2013

Planking day 2

I checked my position in the mirror. Didn't look too 'bum sticky uppy' or back too hollow and I didn't collapse till 19seconds today! At this rate I'll be Olympic standard by Sunday! 

In other news... I found a whole new bunch of blogs to read and follow and I'm still on the lookout for my elusive 61st follower! I know it might help if I post interesting stuff but still... Come on people! Follow me and find out how I plank on day 3! 

I woke up at 2:30am. I think a visit to my new dentist to replace a missing filling is on my mind. I listened to all the songs on my iPod that I could before the battery ran out. The HG is working further oop north today and left early. So the beds been stripped and changed, the dishwasher is on. Tea tonight will be christened later. Depending on the butchery in my mouth it might just be Cafe tea ( summat out of t'freezer ) for the men folk. 

It's our WW2 day tomorrow, I'm wearing a red spotty frock, frilly pinny, head scarf n red lipstick. Might get someone to draw up the back of my legs with a sharpie! Things the children will be doing> 
Choose a war name, create a luggage label, make a gas mask box, write letters home, make 'cream' of parsnip soup and ration chocolate biscuits, make a model spitfire, listen to the wireless, hide under shelters when the air raid siren goes off ( they don't know about this!! ) and meet a real life evacuee. Tonight when they've gone the class room windows will be masking taped and blacked out and all electronic equipment us off limits! We've a sharing assembly at the end of the day and the visiting parents will be allowed to 'choose' an evacuee to take home!! Such fun! 

At Night Owls we are celebrating Thanksgiving! American biscuits and treats are being enjoyed and hot dogs and pizza are on the menu for tomorrow's DVD night. Hand print turkeys, leaf painting and pilgrim puppets are our makes! They seem to enjoy it. I cannot wait till December 1st so we can break out the glitter and start Christmassing to the max!!

Busy morning ahead. Then the dentist. Gulp. 

Rachel Abs of steel Radiostar xxx 
( if only you can hear me snigger as I type that!! I must have the flimsiest abs in the world!!! ) 

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