Tuesday, 19 November 2013

I need your help!

On Friday we are having WW2 day and I've to dress up! I was going to go as a land girl but now I'm not for many reasons!
1. Some git outbid me on eBay and I'm not spending a fortune on something I'll never wear again.
2. I'm not built for dungarees at all!
3. Not one charity shop near me has a 40's style frock in it.
4. No army clothes allowed.
5. The children are dressing like evacuees so I can either be a distraught mother or a welcoming farmer's wife!
6. I'm hoping my ma in law will lend me her frilliest pinny.
7. See my dilemma?
8. I know I've left it late - clearly putting my trust in the dressing up fairies was the wrong thing to do!
Over to you!


  1. have you got a coat (or charity shop) that you could wear and carry a basket and ration booklet? tweed skirt and cardigan? Being a teacher I have done this lots of times and I found a flowery tea dress in sainsburys which sort of works with a cardigan. Hair either rolled or with a scarf round - looks quite good, could you do a farm girl look with a man's white shirt, red scarf around your head and trousers? Raid a local secondary school drama dept! Good luck xx

  2. Carry a doll wrapped in a blanket and be a mother, or a nightie with curlers? maybe not......x

  3. Hair tied up in a scarf..Bright red lipstick..flat shoes..wide trousers and a shirt under the pinny...carry a brown betty teapot and a large mug..walk around saying "cup of tea,love" and you are one of the ladies who volunteered in the tea wagons that appeared at bomb sites.Done.
    Jane x

  4. I like the tea lady idea.... That way you get to drink lots of tea all day, everyone wins! Plus, you still get to wear Nana's frilly pinny! ;o)


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