Sunday, 3 November 2013

A Sunny Sunday

Hello again!
I know I'm not normally back so soon! I've had a lovely day out with the HG and my mum. The teenage boy declined the offer of a visit to a swanky pants garden centre!
The Christmas section is to die for. I like to just stand and stare! If FrugalMummy ever makes it oop north, I will take her and watch her spontaneously combust with glee!! Of course, it is rare I ever buy anything* - it's FAR too spendy!

We went to the much better, family run nurseries round the corner. I bought some winter plants for a fraction of the price! Of course they were all blues and purples! Except for a dear little crimson thing, bought because it was 40p! It will probably be dead by the morning!!
Here's my wee haul.

Much weeding and pruning and planting later ......

On Twitter you find some real gems, and here is a magnificent shot of the City Fireworks I told you about yesterday. Pam and my Dad would get along famously I think!! Anyway, hopefully this link will take you directly to his Flickr site and I have his full permission so share this shot. It really is a lovely part of the country to live in and this night is magical! Ack I don't think his site is public. Hang  on!
 Nope, blogger won't let me do it. I'll post a screen shot!
Anyway the photographer is Richard Gibbons

Photo (c) Richard Gibbens

Link might not work still!! 
I've tried to add it properly via blogger to no avail. Le sigh. 

Anyway it's back to work tomorrow. That week off has zoomed by! Enjoy your Sunday evenings folks ! 

*Outrageous lie alert


  1. It is actually the law* to buy at least one new Christmas decoration every year. If you don't do this, Santa will find out, and somewhere in the world a reindeer will cry real hot salty tears. *This is true.

  2. Oops I always make a new one each year, does that count, I do buy new fabric and ribbon for it.

  3. Thank you so much for including my Lancaster fireworks photo in your friendly, readable and entertaining blog, Rachel, I've hugely enjoyed dipping in. I'm sorry you've been having trouble pasting a link. The photo is available to all - not password protected or private in any way - so I'm not sure why Blogger has a problem with linking to it. Anyway, this link *should* work:

  4. Well, it that link to the fireworks photo doesn't work as a direct click for some reason. I wonder if there's some setting that's forbidding the insertion of direct links? Anyway, if readers select the URL above and copy, then paste it into their browser address bar and hit , they should go straight to the photo. I've just tried it myself, and it seems to work fine.


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