Sunday, 3 November 2013

A soggy Saturday

Well, my Saturday started early, as I still naturally wake up at 5am after being woken at 6am by the radio for the last 6 months!

Today I have been to town. I spent a fortune keeping the local economy afloat at the Pie stall. My HG and his sidekick love the little whist pies, and the traditional pork pies, and the pork n Stilton, pork n rhubarb, pork n black pudding, pork n pickle pies etc etc !!
 I had a quick shifty in the Chazza shops. My almost buy today was a gorgeous full length black suede coat from Next. However, the giant who donated it must have been laughing as I tried it on and looked like a child in the dressing up box! It trailed on the floor. At £4.99 I was considering buying it to take up. But I walked away as I've already too many coats!! It's a 1940s dress I'm after for our WW11 day at school in a couple of weeks. If anyone can help me out here - drop me a comment x

I walked home from town ( about a mile and a half ), my 'trusty' walking app informed me that, even with two big bags of shopping, I'd done this in 7.4 minutes! You did not know I was such an athlete. Best book my seat for Brazil!

Thanks to my Olympic Championesque journey I made it in JUST as the Heaven's opened. The weather has since gone back and forth from being beautifully sunny to violent thunderstorms  complete with hail! I was safe inside my kitchen. First off I stewed some slightly Manky eating apples to be used at Christmas. The Uni one adores apple sauce and this mixture of English apples produced a good batch. I then started churning out some more of Aunty Olive's  biscuits; a bit, ahem darker, than last week! They still taste good! I then had a go at using the stevia/brown sugar blend I'd picked up in Tesco reduced.

The reason I was interested in this was because I've treated myself to another cookbook with low calorie desserts in it. Most of the recipes call for this Stevia stuff.  I nearly died when I saw how much a bag of  this pure stevia stuff was. 
Are you sitting down? 

FOUR ENGLISH POUNDS AND NINETY NINE PENCE!!! £4.99!!!!! The reason anyone who buys this would lose weight is because they would not be able to afford owt else to eat! £4.99

My opinion? It is VERY sweet. I'd half or even quarter the sugar in the recipe next time! 
I also made some chocolate fudge brownies. I licked the bowl. I may have left more mixture than usual in the bowl........

I ironed whilst watching the Rugby ; England v Australia. Rugby Union girl here, none of this league nonsense thank you very much. Anyway, with the Six Nations just round the corner, I don't think my Beloved Wales have anything to worry about! 
I've scrubbed the kitchen walls, put new flannelette sheets on the bed ( the highlight of my day will be getting in it! ), done some paperwork and hoovered. 
It's our City's firework spectacular day and we wrapped up warm and hiked up to the top of a clear vantage point to watch. My Dad will share his strong views annually about how our City Council fires his £20 notes up in the air, and that he is not in favour of this. That's the polite version! 
Thanks to the gale force winds, the sounds of the music and crowds cheering  at the Castle site where I normally like to go and watch carried across to our lovely viewing platform. 
Here are some pictures google brought up - my boy took his camera and tripod but he's yet to upload them. 

Just look how pretty my Dad's money looks!! 
Have you had a productive Saturday? 


  1. Pretty is as pretty does. I am firmly with your dad on firework displays. I have seen some fantastic displays, Australia Day displays in Oz are out of this world. Trouble is every time I see them a little voice is saying.....and how much of my hard earned tax went towards this.

  2. Rachel I don't think Stevia is worthwhile anyway it tastes terrible. Love the photo of fireworks. I agree with your Dad.


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