Thursday, 28 November 2013

Feel good freebies and 'Gooder than God'.

I've been sat here perusing the Kindle store since the Uni one texted to ask could I please order Les Mis for her Kindle. Sure, poppet, Mama will do that for you! It is free at the moment!

Anyway I've also ordered and downloaded a good 6 books for me to read so far - all for free! ( ok, apart from the electric and broadband subscription )
There's a few good stories I fancy and as soon as I hit publish on this, I'm off to look for some more!

Night Owling is going great and I am so ready to be doing Christmas crafts every day from now till the end of term! Today I did the prototype of some really easy but oh so effective Christmas lights art that I saw on someone else's blog on google+.

I need to buy some old fashioned wooden spring pegs for the Christmas decorations I've been making for about a decade and a half - well before this Nordic craze took off. Have you noticed how EVERYTHING is Nordic this year?  Pictures will follow. We are also going to be making our 'Signature Bake'* - little owl cakes, for the Christmas Fair .

WW2 day was a SUCCESS. Have I told you this already? I wore a red dress with a black spotesque pattern, I watched tube of you videos on how to apply my make up, do my hair and wear my silk headscarf bought from The Samaritan's Charity shop for 75p! Black beads from the Uni one and a floral pinny from my Ma in Law completed the luck! Everyone thought I looked the part and the children thought I looked fancy!!  The whole class had joined in and a FANTASTIC day was had by all! I'd put masking tape up at our blacked out windows. We made parsnip and leek soup ( onions were scarce in the war ) and homemade chocolate Bourbon biscuits that actually tasted like homemade chocolate Bourbon biscuits!!  We sounded the air raid siren without warning and they dived for cover like pros! We met a dear sweet man who'd been evacuated from Manchester in the war. The children and adults alike sat spellbound by his story. It was something else. The chill I felt as he described looking up one night and seeing a German plane so low he saw the bomb doors open ready to drop their deadly weapons will stay with me a long time. The children were touched by his memoirs and asked some really creative questions!  They made model spitfires and chose popular names of the day. We are off to the Imperial War Museum North soon to complete our Term's topic. I think they've learned a lot. Thankyou to all your lovely suggestions and help for my costume. It meant a lot.

Right, before I go back to my free book shopping I shall tell you about the title of this post.
Last night, my fellow owl and I went shopping for our little owlets' snacks and Christmas DVDs and things. With our hawk eyes we spotted and swooped on some mini doughnuts with chocolate sprinkles for 50p. Two boxes were bought. These were the children's snack tonight along with the drink that they have as soon as we gather together. This humble gift of sugar, flour, yeast and chocolate brought us worship and adoration and I'm sure some y4 boys broke into spontaneous applause. Yet it was the words of a girl in y2 who comes every night,  which will stay with me for ever....
You are gooder than God for giving us these!!

Rachel Gooder than God Radiostar xxx

*absolutely no baking goes on whatsoever.


  1. But did the old boy tell you what he would have liked to have done to them Fokkers! :o)

  2. Wow what a compliment and you deserve it. Love the way you put together the WW2 day. Did you take a photo of your outfit?


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