Saturday 18 May 2019

So it's Saturday

Two posts in two successive days!

I don't know if I have ever shared these photos with you. They make me laugh though every single time I read them. William is Harry's older brother by a year. He is such a funny little thing. He is so funny. He made me laugh when Lisa said he asked her
'When will I be tall for my age?' because his sister Madeleine is super tall and gets lots of comments when they are out and about!
I also fell about laughing when Lisa texted me telling me how William was full of concern for Harry's pile of Easter Eggs going out of date..Harry isn't a glutton for chocolate like William!

Today was supposed to be rainy, but like the rock and roll rebel I am, I pegged out anyway before we went to town for some bits and bobs. And then we had to take Bluebell back to the vets for the umpteenth time in two weeks. She was spayed on Thursday 2nd May and we are all feeling the effects of enforced rest and recuperation. At first it was alright because of the metacam they had her on. She's very good and is crate trained so that helped and we have lots of kongs, puzzles and toys and games to keep her mentally stimulated but she is literally straining at the leash, despite my amazing* heelwork training. She also looks supercute in her doggy baby gro to keep her stitches from harm!
Right I have just connected my iphone to this laptop and downloaded a few snaps. Once I am organised I will do some proper get them down for posterity posts.
I've boiled a ham and it's roasting in the oven and smells amazing.

Anyway more pics -
Meet Betsy, the new school budgie after Barry sadly didn't wake up one morning. She is funny, very inquisitive and interacts far more than Barry ever did! 

I baked last Saturday for the first time in ages. Lemon maderia cake with real double cream filling.

My breakfast last Sunday. Now normarily, she actually doesn't bother us when we are eating, either at the table or on our knees but she'd just run in after eating her scrambled egg in the kitchen and as per our funny little routine, I have to say, in a high ptched voice, Have you eaten all your.....? She yips and then I go get her a treat. Here she is licking her lips at me and it looks like she really wants more eggs!! These are FROACHED eggs. The HG bought some new gadgetty egg froachers by josephjoseph.  Fried, poached eggs using no oil, just steam.
Absolutely NO remorse shown as she callously dismembered the piggy that she has had since day one when we brought her home! Piggy is now on the Shelf of Mending, along with Fishy, Octopus and two doughnuts. 

Can you see what it is yet? Had this three years now and I shaped it a bit the other day. Trying to get it to look as if it's from legs are resting on it's fat tummy. I need to buy another teeny plant though because round the back, my bunny has no tail as it's not growing down there!

When Madam steals something she shouldn't, she either brazens it out right in front of you with a fixed stare and a waggy tail or she avoids all eye contact and dashes to her hidey space under the table! She's buggered off with the HG's car washing sponge here!

My irises are putting on a good show this year.

The second of my ancient peonies are out now. The first is a single petalled cerise pink one, this is a deeper pinky red and the third usually waits til June and you think it's going to be red when in bud but it is a blousey large frilly huge palest of pinky/white. They need staking tomorrow.

Quite literally green fingered! 

Here she is just now with her new toy I bought her for being a very good girl at the Vets. She weighed 16.8kg now. This is a flat fluffy turtle with about ten indvidual squeakers in it. It kept her quiet for a while. I say quiet....

Right it's been SATs week at work and I will share a funny story with you tomorrow! Ooooh cliffhanger!
Thank you for all your comments. It's lovely to be back xx Blogging is so much easier now!

Lots of love from

Rachel * Blogging again * Radiostar xxx

*amazing, if amazing means she will walk to heel when we are walking away from the field but pulls like a train the minute we head towards it - some days we don't even get there becuase I am so dizzy from all the stopping and turning we do! They say Springers are clever, well this one needs to learn faster that walking without pulling gets you there faster!! 


  1. Betsy’s lovely 😊. I love that photo of bluebell eyeing up your eggs! Two posts in two days though Rach, steady on love! Xx

  2. She is a true Springer, they are very clever,very bouncy and I am almost certain that Tigger was based on one. There are a few near me and all farm dogs and (eventually) trained to walk to heel, it takes time...lots of time. I had 3 at one time and I have never been fitter, all that walking and playing. My Irises were very early this year, I want to plant more in a couple of shady spots they are so pretty.

  3. It's good to see you back, Rachel. I was only just thinking of you yesterday. X

  4. So glad you are writing again!

  5. William's concern for Harry's chocolate going out of date is something I can relate to :) Great photos; I'm commenting in order. Didn't know schools still had pets - brilliant. Cakes look delicious. Froached eggs look good but Bluebell steals the picture. The piggy reminds me of Sienna's lamb that's had to have it's legs sewn back on loads of times. I could tell it was a rabbit! Slinking off is something Wendy and Sparky are also good at. Garden is looking gorgeous. Sorry, but one squeaky toy is one too many for me, can't believe you've got a toy with several in them you mad woman.

    I'm hooked already and will be back for the SATS story :) xx

  6. Wow and you are back with bells lovely to see you back in Blogland.

  7. I do my eggs like that, in a tiny little single egg frying pan. Nicer than poached, I think. Oh, OK, I do add three sprays of oil first but that's minimal!


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