Sunday 10 January 2016

So it's Poetry Sunday!

It's not a national poetry day or anything! It's just me. 

Why do the weekends go so fast? 

Yesterday I spent mainly being at one with my washer! Feeding it, emptying it, feeding it, emptying it etc etc! After a bloggy comment catch up with Helen Frugal Knitwit, I've had this little poem flying round in my head 

What is it with Teens? 

What is it with Teens
And their obsession with jeans?
The long skinny ones
Are the choice of my sons's. 

They are all deep dark blue
And he hasn't a clue
How I'm not all that keen 
On getting them clean. 

What is it with Teens
And their skinny blue jeans? 
When I was his age
They were also the rage! 

But the big difference is
1 to me, 6 of his! 
My one lonely pair did me for the week
and the next, and the next and the next so to speak! 

Not so of my boy who clearly needs more
It might be to do how they carpet his floor
He's told and he's asked
To get on with the task

Of picking them up day after day
To please pick them up and to put them away
If this occurred, there would be no needing 
Of epic proportion washing machine feeding. 

I blame the parents I say
For spoiling him in that way
He's such a spoilt brat 
They brought him up like that! 

Six pairs of them landed in front of my feet
All to be washed on a very low heat. 
Should be inside out but clearly they're not 
One leg in, one leg out, twisted boxers in a knot. 

Bloody skinny blue jeans in the wash pile alarms
Can't get down the legs with my fat stubby arms
There's grunting and groaning and putting up a good fight
I'm twisting the legs with all of my might

It's like blue jeans aerobics for all the good mums
Who pamper and bow down and look after their sons! 
Finally ready in the washer they go
On a delicate wash, the label says so! 

But be warned, the adventure does not end there
They've to be bloody dried with the utmost of care
They've got twisted seams that are meant to be in
How can they feel comfy next to the skin???

The label says not to go in the dryer
Or over an airer in front of the fire
Bloody skinny blue jeans, the bain of my life
I thinks it's high time, the boy got a wife!

The end! 
By Rachel * written in six minutes* Radiostar! 


  1. I('m laughing my socks off here. Poor you, I feel for you!
    Jeans - delicate? Denim is the toughest fabric out!

    J x

    1. They don't really get the delicate treatment!! Bung em in with the rest!

  2. Time for him to do his own laundry and why should it be the wife who washes the clothes? Wash them on normal and bung them in the drier. He'll soon get the message.

    1. It was written in jest Mum! They get washed n returned the very way he presents them and he is told to do it himself if he doesn't like it!!

  3. That is brilliant Rachel. Made me laugh out loud.
    When my son was at home his thing was t shirts and hoodies. I once told him to clean his room while his dad and I went on holiday.........I came back to a linen bin stuffed with sixty t shirts and ten hoodies. A lot of the t shirts were still folded from the previous washing so they just went back up as they were and the hoodies were sprayed with Febreze and returned.
    My daughter has a thing about socks. There are seven days in a week so how in hell do I end up with twenty pairs of bloody socks a week to wash.
    Hope you have had a good week-x-

    1. I've had a long week! But I've finally caught up with a lot of the jobs I wanted to do!
      I'm lolling at your son and putting his folded clean clothes in the laundry!! Bloody kids!

  4. That was EXCELLENT. I also have a teenage son who prefers skinny jeans (because he's a tall, skinny guy). He does his own laundry and doesn't fuss with them. Maybe your son has the expensive kinds that need special treatment? -Jenn

    1. I may have exaggerated the truth for comedy poem purposes!

  5. Brilliant, but it's not just the boys, As for the mum's who buy's delicate wash jeans!

    1. It's a pair by Patrick off the sewing Bee!!
      And a 'dark wash at 30C' wouldn't rhyme!!

  6. H1 brill loved it!!!! Very very apt!!! Brings back the times my laundry basket would be constantly full of daughter Nº1's was constant jeans washing....I really got fed up!!! How can you go through four pairs of jeans in a week....well it was a brief check for stains and if ok a light slap of the iron ....folding neatly and 3 would go back in her wardrobe and 1 in the wash!!! Funny though she now complains about my grand-daughter and constantly washing leggings and jeans!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

    1. Miss 21's washing nightmare in her teenage years was sodding black tights. Tons of them in the wash came. Out strangling all the washing and needing untangling like some monster from the deep's tentacles!

  7. Fantastic! You're wasted at school- you should be the next Poet In Residence of somewhere :o) I nodded in agreement all the way through and felt immense relief that it isn't just me who looks into her son's room and see Jean-coloured flooring :o) XX

    1. Oh CT you need to hush
      Your comment just didst made me blush!

  8. Brilliant! I had one pair of jeans at a time in my teens! They were skinny and stretchy and went in the wash once a week. The bit about undies tangled up cracked me up. I have to peel Thomas' out of his school trousers every night after I've picked them up off the bathroom floor lol. xx

    1. This is the stuff they need to put in baby books!

  9. What a fantastic poem! Very clever of you! xx

  10. So true, Rachel, every bloody word. I love it.

  11. Absolutely hilarious. It's t-shirts in this house. Hundreds of the bloody things. They breed I'm sure of it.

    1. T shirts....let me ask you *eye twitch* .... Do the side seams twist????

  12. Brilliant. A prediction of what may be to come for me as a mother of a twelve year old. I thought I'd done a post where Louis had had a 'Time Traveller's Wife' moment leaving his clothes outside the bathroom but I can't find it. It seems apt! x

    1. Both my cherubs used to leave the bathroom after a shower/bath, carry their dirty clothes and wet towels, completely ignoring the washing basket situated RIGHT OUTSIDE the bathroom door, into their rooms and dump them on the bedroom floor!

  13. You do make me laugh, I bung my children's jeans in with the towels. Why do they have so many? xx

    1. I did say in the poem - I blame the parents!!!

  14. I love it, it's brilliant and I can completely relate. :) xx

  15. L has jeans inall colours of the rainbow, ones with stars, gems, aztec patterns, rips. And who was the idiot who bought them?
    Love the poem so heartfelt.

    1. I think you bought them just so you could use the phrase 'fancy pants' to her! I'm off to your blog now. To see what time she made it out of surgery and hopefully to see good news xx


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