Sunday 31 January 2016

Giddy yup!

Here's my VAIR posh ticket from my VAIR posh day out, last Saturday, at the races! I had to tie it to my necklace as I didn't have any button holes or straps to attach it to! We had to wear it at all times, to make sure we didn't have to mix with great unwashed!! 

The firm the HG works for sub contractually,laid on this day as a thank you to all the people who work for them. When he brought home the information months before Christmas, I'll admit I wasn't right fussed. If I'm honest, it could have been because I've never done it before. It could also have been due to the  fat phase I'm in so I don't feel great in myself. It could also have been down to the fact it was so close to the Tax Self Assessment date and the weekends are only my free time really to do them. ( Really I think, know the social avoidance diagnosis I developed with my depression, has never fully gone away )

But I had to be brave. 

 He said we'd go. Details were to follow. Christmas came and went. No details emerged. Probably due to the bosses' house being totally flooded and ruined, some of the business premises were under water too. To be honest I assumed it'd have been cancelled and was inwardly happy about this. Not the flooding! That was truly devastating. They are still not back in their house. Unimaginable really. 

Then the message came, we'd be picked up at 10am and the dress code was now jacket and tie for men/smart for ladies and children as we'd been upgraded to the panoramic viewing suite, full table waiter service. This had me panicking a little. Now I had to wear strong magic knickers in order to wear my smart dress!  

Right up to the night before I did a little bit of whinging and whining, secretly hoping the HG would say that we didn't have to go. However, he didn't. 

So on Friday I did a little bit of research about Haydock. I looked up at what to expect. I did that old psychology trick of pretending I was looking forward to it. I had a long pampering bath. I laid out my clothes. Saturday would be here soon enough! 

We got up, got ready - it was like getting dressed up and ready to go to a wedding! I liked my dress and cardigan combo. I had my new flat no hurty feet for me long black boots on and for once, my make up was less drag queenie than normal AND my hair was ok! We got a taxi to the meeting place, ended up going to the pub for coffee to wait as the coach was running an hour late. This was actually a good thing ish. The bonus was, I had rhe chance to chat to the HG's colleague and his wife who were being picked up with us. She was a lovely lady and there were no awkward moments! I admitted I was a racing virgin and she promised I'd be fine! 

By the time the coach came I didn't feel as intimidated as I would have been ( the last ones getting on a full coach ) 

Why I was worrying I have no idea. They are all a friendly bunch - I've met them before - and they were all drinking prosecco!! The coach was a posh one and the journey took no time at all! Once we got there and picked up our race tickets we went to the Park Suite. 
Posh people as far as the eye can see!!  
We had great views of the race course. 

And, get this, our own exclusive balcony!

It was so exciting! We were shown to our table, the drinks were brought to us and the HG's workmate showed me how to fill in the tote betting slip - a bit like the lottery and we studied our free to us posh lot, £3 to the oiks, racing day programme! Don't worry, I was the proverbial oiky wolf dressed in the posh sheep's clothing!!! 

Because we were an hour late, I didn't get down to the trackside bookies to put a bet on 

But it was ok, we had our own bookie in the corner. He was a sweet older gent who treated us newbies so kindly. Smiling as he took our money! Genuinely pleased when we went back for our winnings! And there was a lot of crossing the sumptuously thick carpet to collect winnings! 

My good chum Barb from work's son had given me plenty of tips! I studied the form, bet on his tips and won!! Although 
In this race the horse circled didn't win. The one called 'It's a freebee' did! Wish I had bet on it because we were all laughing on the table about how we were here one free day out!
I didn't take any photos of the meal, but it was delicious. We had parsnip and cardamom soup to start. Roast beef and Yorkshire puds for main and a giant slab of sticky toffee pudding and vanilla ice cream for pud! 

There's a possibility we were on TV too as two of the men got texts saying they'd been spotted on TV! I forgot to tape it though and couldn't find it on catch up! 

After we left Haydock, the coach dropped us off in town and we went for cocktails! 

It was a brilliant day. I'm so glad I went. I'm hooked!! Can't wait to go again! Though I think I've been spoiled by the whole corporate experience! It's that or nothing!! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel * Best ring Gamblers Anonymous * Radiostar xxx


  1. how utterly fabulous! that's the sort of do I just love, love, love. Something new and pretty exciting. Even better when you get to do it in the fancy pants section.
    Last year we were invited to a football thing, which sounds dull. But no. That was in the 'members section', so lots of wine, good food, warm place to go to when it got cold or more beverages needed. All good fun.

    I'm glad you went, and even gladder you had such a good time!


    p.s, see? this is why we all need Debretts Handbook in our lives, it tells you all you need to know about such events :O) x

    1. I SHOULD have come to you with my worries!!!of course! *slaps self* :-)

  2. Oh lovely. So glad you went and enjoyed it in spite of the jitters. As my mate, Reikiat Ray likes, to say... 'He who dares wins Rodney!!!' xx

    1. I wish I was as tall and long legged as Rodney!! I had a ball!!

  3. May I speak?
    Thank you.
    Wow, great day out!
    Gosh, what's it like to mix with the toffs. Cor blimey.
    Right I'll go now.
    Tell me when you get back down to earth.

    1. Heheheheheh oh don't you be worrying! I was more like Henry Higgin's Eliza! " Come on Dobbin, move your flamin arse!!!!"

  4. The day sounded lovely, but I totally understand the anxious lead-up to an event. I am also guilty of sometimes wanting to get out of commitments. I like to do what I want to do, not what somebody else wants me to do. However, now you are an "expert" at the whole racing, betting thing and you can go back with confidence some day. -Jenn

    1. I've instilled a braveness into my offspring - I should practise what I preach!!

  5. I'm so glad you had a lovely day. I have never been to horseracing although hubby has had 'a day at the races' gifts for Christmas and birthdays and we only live four miles from Uttoxeter race course-x-

    1. Well, I can only recommend it highly now! I might have a look on the big day out sites for a bargain!

  6. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Don't think you could have done it any better, and all with your very own balcony! It's not often you find much appreciation for employees these days, your HG's firm must really value their staff. I had no idea that you suffered with depression, not that I should have, it's just that your posts are always so funny and optimistic. Someone in my immediate family had severe depression. It's awful for everybody involved. Anyway, glad you enjoyed the day, you'll have to let us know what you spend your winnings on. xx

    1. I left you a comment and a link that will explain it X I spent my winnings on cocktails!!!

  7. Ha Ha, Gamblers annon.........I'm looking for cheese addicts annon if you find one!

  8. Sounds as though it went really well! So glad for you that you enjoyed it so much! xx

  9. Wow! what an exciting day.


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