Tuesday 5 January 2016


That was the time I set my alarm for.

Earlier on I refrained from whinging and moaning about the bloody pots her and the young man had left at tea time. I seethed inwardly and silently as she just dumped her coat and boots in the dining room. 

I went to bed about 10pm to TRY to sleep. I think I fell asleep about 11.30 ish. I woke with a start at 2am in full on heart thudding panic mode convinced I'd slept through the alarm. Then I was just laid there til the alarm did go off. I got up, made sure madam was up, which they were and went downstairs. 

The bags were triple checked for all travel stuff. I fuss fuss fussed her. Theo was strapped in, she was hugged, told she was loved and waved off with all the Bon Voyages in the world wished upon her. 

Me n the HG trudged back inside freezing cold now. I went to stand forlornly in her bedroom doorway to feel all fondness and love. 

Imagine that sound when a record gets the needle abruptly scratched across it to a stop. 

It is EXACTLY like that Tracey Emin's art exhibit. 

It is a tip! I am far too ashamed to take a photo! I'm FURIOUS!!! Bloody kids lol
Still, I don't know why I'm acting all surprised. She was tidying her room for seven solid years through teenagedom!
It'll give me something to do while she's not here!! 

I've just been looking for some photos of when we decorated it for her. It's a gorgeous room! Just not at the moment! 

You can't even see that beautiful carpet at the moment! 

It's 8am and she'll be in the sky now. ( good job else I'd be throttling her!! ) 
This is the text she sent at just past 5am this morning. 

 Checked in waiting to hand my bag over, leaving here at 7:55 land in Amsterdam at 10:20 leave at 1230 and arrive in China at 6:45 tomorrow then I get to Newzealand at 6:40 but it will be 7 here on Wednesday night 

I've friended the two girls she's going exploring with and all I have to do now is wait to hear she got there safely and then watch the Internet to see all the photos. 

I feel sick right now, just sheer tiredness as I didn't sleep properly the night before either! The children are back in school today and it's going to seem like a LONG LONG time until I finish! 

I'm off for some breakfast! 
Lots of love from 

Rachel *zombie* Radiostar xxx 


  1. My heart goes out to you. I'd be in bits.
    Sending you hugs (())

  2. Much love Rachel. It must be a worry but try to think about what an exciting trip she will have. And how very thoughtful of her to leave you something to keep you busy whilst she's away. X

  3. Bless you, have a hug ((())). All I can say is I'm very glad I haven't got kids!

  4. Chin up lass, she'll be back before you know it :o) XXX

  5. Mum's eh! The fretting and throttling never stop. I think we're all worrying with you now.

  6. aw. my heart is breaking for you, because I know I'd be a stinking rotten mess if Violet was gadding about the globe on her own.
    But at the same time, I'm chortling like a loon, because nothing like the mess of kids to bring you back to reality with a walloping great THUMP! ha ha :O)

    Hope you had fun today with the little cherubs! ;o) x

  7. Sending a hug and another from Rocky hound too xx

  8. Hope you survived the First day Back thing. Have fun tidying, you might find missing plates,knives, forks and glasses under everything and probably damp towels and odd smelly socks. ( sounds as if I've been there already - 3 times!)

  9. Just think, by the time you've worked your way through her room, she'll be back! I'm beginning to realise there's a very fine line where teenagers are concerned between wanting them at home and wanting them to leave. Sleep well tonight. xx

  10. Maybe (I might be clutching at straws here) but maybe it was reverse psychology - if she had left her room all beautiful and tidy one look at it and you would have been a sobbing, broken hearted wreck. By leaving it a mess you got too mad to fall to pieces! Either that or she realised that by the time she got back you will have forgotten that she left her room in a state and thought 'to hell with it'!

    You're doing great! I can't imagine how I will cope when Flo is old enough to travel the world.x

  11. You were up before me then....4am after hearing a noise and thinking the dog had gone arse over tip down the stairs. He hadn't....he'd knocked a book down.
    Awww New Zealand. Hubby and I nearly emigrated there a few years ago.
    Hope your day went well-x-

  12. Dear zombie lady. I feel your pain! Safe travel to messy missy! I have one too!!

  13. Hope that you are feeling a bit more yourself now! xx


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