Thursday 7 January 2016

Landed and through customs!

Phew what a fraught week it's been! I've many blog posts of yours to catch up on and comments to reply to. I'm just shattered. But I'm also dead proud of myself!! 
Even prouder of my girl. 
Her first ever flight and she did it big style! 
I'm proud of myself for letting her go! My darling Aunty said to me and the HG. We gave her roots and we gave her wings! ( I thought We also gave her the airfare! ) 

Timeline of the last few days. Times are all a bit mixed up due to time zones etc! I'm too tired to properly convert them etc! 
Fasten your seatbelt. Here we go! 

3.12am - waved Miss 21 off
5.22am - text off Miss 21 

" Checked in waiting to hand my bag over, leaving here at 7:55 land in Amsterdam at 10:20 leave at 1230 and arrive in China at 6:45 tomorrow then I get to New Zealand at 6:40 but it will be 7 here on Wednesday night "

(9.00 - 5.30pm - zombie at work)
9.47am Message to say she's landed in Amsterdam
10.29am Message to say she's about to get on the next plane 
But we also got these gorgeous pictures 

I got through work somehow. 

5.30pm - 10pm - fretted
10pm - 1.30am  - in bed fretfully snoozing

1.30am ( Wed morning ) - messages withMiss 21. 
She'd landed in China after 11 hours on the plane. Her ears hurt. She was fine. The bottled water tasted horrid. 
She'd had sweet chilli pork for her tea and omelette for her breakfast. She had a seven hour wait for the next plane. 

2.30am my message! 


She chose to ignore that! 

Needless to say I didn't really sleep soundly after that! Although according to the HG I was full on snoring! I never heard anything!! 

6.15am dragged myself out of bed and was like a zombie on edge all day

6pm ish 
The Guangzhou flight is hers 
Her friends in NZ who were waiting for her sent me this! 
I breathed a huge sigh of relief! The plane had landed. Now we just had to wait to see that a) she was on it and b) she got through customs! 

After an agonising wait this came 

Then the one that made me cry 

Awww, made me all teary again! It's frankly the absolutely best photo I've seen in forever. 

Sooo finally I could chill and relax and just  go to bed! 
It was Wednesday the 6th. 12th Night! I had to
Take. The. Tree. Down. 
( I was convinced I had til Thursday, absolutely convinced! ) 
It didn't take long, though I was almost on my knees with knackeredness! 

Bye bye Father Christmas Tree Topper in your cloak of purple velvet for another year! He's as old as Miss 21! 

That'll do for today! I'm done in X 

Lots of love from

Rachel *has a Daughter down under* Radiostar xxx 


  1. I love the word mingling, not heard it in ages. My daughter 36, is back home with us for a while and her room is a pigsty, so I know how you feel. Be brave your daughter is about to gave the time of her life, lucky thing. Love your purple Santa.

  2. I'm proud I still 'mummed' her from millions of miles away!

  3. It's a long way but mummy-love is for all times and all places.
    Glad she got there safely and hope you are catching up on sleep.
    J x

  4. So glad she arrived safely and you survived that anxious waiting period. My youngest daughter went to Australia with her friend's family when she was just 16. Their plane had to be diverted because of bad weather and they were over 4 hours late landing...that was a heart-in-mouth time I can tell you. Second eldest daughter travelled with a friend to Argentina when she was 18, another long fight and a worrying wait for news. I was 21 when I went to Canada alone to work as a nanny...I guess I know now what my mum went through!

  5. Love that you sent here a text about her room - a proper mum thing to do! xx

    1. I tried to not let my grrrr out but I had to say it!!

  6. Glad to hear she's landed safely. At least you can sleep a little easier now. Has she done all that travelling on her own or has her boyfriend gone with her? Laughed at paying for the airfare and the text messages you sent. Those two pictures from the plane are fantastic, but yes, if it was Amy the best picture would be of her landed and on safe ground. xx

    1. No she did it alone. Her boyfriend just took her to the airport. I've had me amazing photos since! It might be Amy one day soon! I'll be here to hold your hand!

  7. I'm so glad she got there safely.
    I'm just too emotional though. All I can think is how would I cope if Violet jet setted around the world? I just couldn't. So yeah, you should be proud. You gave her wings and you let her soar. And you still did the Mum thing and told her off for her room! ha ha ha!

    1. I wasn't prepared to let the million miles distance thing stop me mumming her! And you think you won't - if and when it's Violet's turn...but you will have to! Hardest thing ever, but it's do able! Just!!

  8. My goodness I am exhausted just reading this, I cannot imagine how you and your daughter - especially your daughter! - must have felt after all of that. I hope that she has a wonderful time now that she is safely there! xx


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