Wednesday 20 January 2016

Did it!

The first time ever in the history of me wearing my new watch! 10,000 steps done! I'm like an Olympic ( sized ) Athelete!!  I have checked and done scientific experiments too by 'pretending' to walk when I'm sat on my arse on the sofa, moving my arm backwards and forwards as if I'm walking, but the count doesn't go up!! 

Last night, whilst taking my precious baby boy to his karate class ( because somebody might try and get my six foot brawny, one belt away from a black belt angel so he could not possibly walk when it's dark ) we popped into Sainsrobbers. 
SEVENTY QUID! The robbing bar stewards. The only things I bought were two blocks of ready made dessert pastry down to 19p each and three microwaveable kids pasta meals with tomato and marscepone cheese sauce for 29p each. They are just right for my lunch for a change and for 29p each I'd not be able to make it for that! ( Prolly could to be honest if I got smart price everything and used a slow cooker! ) 
The HG also bought me ( I'm so spoilt! ) one of those fat free meringues, the brand new Everest DVD because I adore a good disaster movie and this first edition knitting thingy.

99p - worth it for the wool, because to be honest, I was getting desperate for a ball of wool or two.....

I was also wearing a new perfume last night. He had the matching aftershave. We got it from his Mother's. Eau de rank burnt cabbage soup. I honestly thought I'd stepped right into a David Walliams story. We visit her before we have to go collect the Precious from the Sport's Centre. As soon as we walked it I was hiding my dry heaves! It stank. The sulphurious scent would have stopped a warthog in it's tracks. She merrily informed us that she couldn't smell a thing!! Laughing as she squirted Vanilla and lotus flower air freshener everywhere which only made me gip more!! Let me tell you, vanilla infused burnt veg soup is not a pleasant odour. She'd made some soup in her soup maker, but it'd caught on the bottom. 

Caught??? CAUGHT??? Think it was well on its way to carbonisation by the time she found it!! Oh it stank. And it was like that gift that keeps on giving. To our deepest of deep joys, we discovered that the turnippy tendrils had permeated our coats!! Oh man it was rotten!! It followed us all the way home! 

You know that song from Les Miserables, that Susan Boyle sang 
I dreamed a dream of time gone byyyy?? 

Got the tune in your head? 

Well here's my version. 

I smelled a smell of rotten veggggggg
Turned into soup and then cremateddddd

Anyway....before you go I'm raising awareness for my poor HG! Somebody save him! 

I've given him merry hell this morning!! 
Normally he sets off at 6.35-6.40am for work. The alarm goes off at 6am. We both get up. I go do the lunches and tidy the kitchen, then have my shower before 7am before I get sorted for work. Usually there's blogging activity like now, before work! 

Today he wasn't leaving until 8.20am ish

How lovely, no need to fling back the covers so early. 

However, this morning our darling Miss 21 pinged us through a photo of the cliff she'd climbed that morning. I don't have any issues with that at all. Here look. It's breathtaking. 

Although it looks a bit Cornwalley to me! Here's the view from the top. 

A bit Walesey too! 
The issues I had were with the HG. 
My phone is permanently on silent because of work I suppose. The HG's isn't. When he gets photos or messages et his phone does this really loud TRRRINNGGG sound. 

She sent the photos at 5.15am. 
So I was rudely awakened from my first full night's sleep for ages. 
Grrrr 1. 

Grrrr 2. The sodding alarm came on at 6am. Why on earth he hadn't switched it off last night OR at 5.15am photo time I have no idea. Clearly he enjoys being growled at, harrumphed at, glowered at, stamped around etc etc. 

Grrrrr 3. HE STILL DID NOT TURN IT OFF AT 6am. Or 6.15 or 7.00. The clock radio is on his side. I was not getting out of my warm bed to walk ALL the way round to turn it off, because that would have been too easy AND he claimed, when I jabbed him in the ribs and hissed in dulcet tones that he should turn the bloody radio off, that he was listening to it. Well I'll tell you what I listened to. His snoring over the top of the radio. 

Grrrr 4. The radio will not tune in to anything other than BBCRadio Lancashire - you know it's BBC Radio Lancashire because they tell you it's BBC Radio Lancashire every three and a half minutes. The presenter and his team are normally entertaining but this morning Graham Liver was getting right on my t*ts! He repeated himself constantly and I was getting more 

by the minute. By now I was proper moody! I got up, stomped about. Huffed and puffed. Made a right show of making the HG's  lunch. You know, overly dramatic buttering of bread. 

There were *scenes* over who loads the dishwasher correctly. It is me, by the way in case you wondered. 

There was high comedy from me ( I thought ) when the HG failed to get the lettuce out for his lunch because he said he wasn't sure what to get out. I marched over the the fridge, flung the door open fully back on its hinges and said 
Lettuce. Is. This. Green. Frilly. Stuff. I. Keep. In. This. Salad. Drawer. 

( What he'd meant was which lettuce to give me, there were two sorts, I think he was a bit frightened of giving me the wrong lettuce! )

We were of course laughing at each other by the time he was going. I slammed his butties into his hand and menaced " Make sure these don't choke you!" 

What a grumpy old cow I am!  Poor HG! 
But he should have turned the radio off. I didn't remember to do it but that's not the point!  I'm just so sleep deprived! 

I got in from work after a hard day. Can't recall an easy day for ages. The HG had got in first and had tidied and hoovered all through downstairs. Harmony was restored! 

Most of it was faux rage but I really was miffed at being woken early when there was no need! I could have slept through until 6.30am! A lie in! 

What has had you in a rage, faux or otherwise, lately? 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *Susan Boyle* Radiostar xxxx


  1. Oh Rachel, I laughed and laughed all through this....sorry! But you have my sympathies, I'd have reacted exactly the same way. The bit about HG snoring over the radio that he was supposedly listening to had me agreeing totally - my OH does that over boring telly progs that he's insisted on watching (umpteen repeats of Top Gear usually). Well done on not throttling (or poisoning) HG, and very very well done on the 10,299 steps. And yes Miss 21's pic does look like Cornwall....

    1. It's it Top Gear that mine watches through his eyelids, it's stupid American programmes like mountain men, or ice road truckers, or lumberjack wars etc etc! Why do we put up with them??!!

  2. Big rage over Louis forgetting bus fare the other morning even thought I'd asked him if he had it and watching the bus sail by as he ran back to house to get it. I contemplated making him walk to town to catch another one but took him to school. Believe me the wrath he suffered on the way there did not make this the easy option! x

    1. I commiserate LG- the same thing happened here when I was out for the afternoon. I double asked about the bus pass and keys, was assured both were present, then got a call at 3.30 from a shivering son saying he'd got home but forgotten his keys!

    2. I did a sympathy eye roll there CT xx

  3. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    J x

  4. Crumbs left on the work surface after breakfast and sandwich making. It's a standard joke in our house (you know the ones where you aren't really joking?). It drives me MAD. Apparently I am terrible for leaving small, neatly swept-up piles of dust on the kitchen floor waiting for the dustpan. I don't see why this is a problem as the dust is tidier in a pile than spread all over the floor :o( I am grinning at your middle name today :o) XX

    1. Mr 18 sweeps the kitchen - yay but leaves it in piles and doesn't get the dustpan out to finish the job - boo!!
      There's only me in my house who can ever ever put margarine back in the fridge. Even when I've not even been using it.

  5. Nothing can have me in a rage after reading this, faux or otherwise!! You are so hilarious, I love your posts!!!! Well done on the steps!!! I have managed 10000 a grand total of twice since I got mine towards the end of last year. The second time was on Tuesday this week. It is tough to get that many steps isn't it. So you did really well!!! xx

    1. It is hard to get to 10000 for me! I blame my class!! My friend who works in reception does 10000 + a day! Maybe I should request a move!

  6. Mine has retired and this morning he was almost pushing me out the door, talk about bugger off to work!!!!!
    Your post is so funny, one point I won't allow anything other than alarm radio in our bedroom, no TV, no iPads and never no mobile phones, nothing to go ting in the night. It works for me hubby does moan but hey ho I don't listen.

    1. LOL Marlene, I'm kinda on your husband's side!! You are clearly spoiling his routine!!!! The best night's sleep we had was just before Christmas when we had days of power cuts.

  7. You are too funny. I've been playing the lettuce scene in my head today (sneaky reading in work) I so have a husband like that xx

  8. The ability my OH has of being able to find nothing. He seems unable to find anything in the fridge or cupboards unless what he is looking for is at the very front. Of course he could find stuff if he wanted to but that might involve properly looking, moving something at the front of the fridge or cupboard to see what is behind it! I swear if he had his way all cupboards and fridges would have to have a depth of no greater than one item but be 27 feet wide so everything could be seen at a glance.

    1. I left a comment over on your blog, but this made me laugh my head off! My HG is EXACTLY the same ! If it doesn't jump out and land in his hands itself, he cannot find anything in the fridge/cupboards/drawers/anywhere

  9. I sort of feel sorry for HG, treating you to all those lovely gifts only to be reduced to a quivering wreck in case he got the wrong lettuce out hahahaha. My irritant is Mark, obviously lol. We go up to bed at the same time, but I'm the one that does the lights and the dogs. By the time I get upstairs Mark is usually in bed and 9/10 times he'll say "did I turn the heating off". Well I don't bloody know do I, that's his job. Which means because I'm not in bed yet, I'm the one that has to go back downstairs to check. Idiot! xx

    1. 'Obviously' I laughed my head off at that!!! Poor Mark lol
      It'll soon be summer and heating angst will be a thing of the past!

  10. I love reading your posts you are a tonic you really are haha. I would have been totally miffed too at been woken up so early when it wasn't necessary, I think you have a lot of patience I would have made him make his own butties. I am so impressed by your step count, I really need to get one of those watches. Hope you have a great weekend. :) xx

    1. Aw thanks Linda! The weekend was fab. I do love my watch, it has totally made me aware of what a lazy mare I am!

  11. Well my George says that I am just perfect ;-) honest injun she does

    1. Errr perhaps you'll just take my word for it.....

  12. Well done on the 10,000 steps.

    What gets me in a rage..........hubby interfering in MY kitchen, jumping the queue for laundry....he desperately needs his work clothes doing NOW (Friday) when he isn't going to work again until 9pm on Monday. Grrrrrr it gets my ginger up I can tell you and his ears are ragged by the time I'm done with


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