Friday 10 July 2015

It's Friday once more!

Hey folks,
Thank you for all your commenting! I loves it! Pam, I took my quilt to work for show n tell! Everyone was in awe. The Head wants one!! 

It's end of term frantic madness at work. Everyone is running on empty. Everyone is busy. I think I am busy, I'm kinda just swanning through it, letting it stress me not. If it doesn't get done, I'm not arsed. That's where I'm at!
No one will spontaneously combust if I only do the three billion things on my four billion thing list. I'm enjoying end of term this year as a reprieve. Yes, three billion things done from a list of four billion IS a reprieve. After a decade of Year Six, I've been in the sizeably less stressful Year Five. However, I must have been really evil in a past life and need punishing as come September, I'm back int top class. So this time next year, you can easily trike the lists. BUT It is a one year only move, I've been promised. And I do love this class. Yesterday's gem was directed to the Class Teacher by one of our favourites.

Child: Hey, Teacher
Teacher: yes?
Child: Do you own a car?
Teacher: I do yes, why?
Child: Want to save £250 pound on your car insurance?
Teacher: yes, how?

Child: err I dunno!!!

This week, I've not even LOOKED at how my garden is growing. Due to the rain and my knackeredness when I've got home my new purples remain in their pots! 

My lavender is lush

Food growing...
I think I got my labels mixed up! 

Think the seedlings need thinning! 

There's a noisy bunch of magpies taken up residence in the garden. They sound like velociraptors! The sparrow teenagers are still a bit fluffy, but very noisy. The coaltits ( chickadees in Canada ) are still eating me out of house and sunflower seed! Another two weeks and I can sit and watch them to my heart's desire. 

I've just nicely got in and made the fatal error of sitting down in front of the tennis! Come on Murray! 
I've a busy week coming up with the Uni one's graduation ceremony on Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to it. 
Have a gorgeous weekend lovies x 

Love From 
Rachel * much to do* *but will watch the tennis first* Radiostar! 


  1. Excellent survival technique for the end of term :o) x

  2. I gave myself permission to watch tennis as well. End of terms are tiring but end of years are beyond words sometimes aren't they. Does your move into Y6 mean you will be with the same class again or is your school bigger than single form intake? How exciting going to your daughter's graduation day, that's definitely something to look forward to. xx

    1. I've got the same class...and I'm thrilled about it. I love them.

  3. Glad everyone liked the quilt. 2 more weeks and some freedom for you. yippee. Junior and Kaitlyn break up next Friday, according to James, he invariably gets it wrong. I am stiff from running round the garden plus all the driving. I hope to have a full day in the garden tomorrow, I need to decimate the burgeoning weed population.

    1. Weeds are truly ferocious in warm wet/sunny weather damn them!

  4. Tennis only happens once a year! You have your priorities right! :-)
    J x

  5. Tennis has held my attention this week, so our garden is a bit jaded, how quick the weeds grow and the whole area goes wild. I think the heat makes us all go what the heck!, our work mountain is not going down so quickly in the past weeks.

  6. We would only get bored if we had nowt to do! I quite often try the staring at them and willing them to die technique with weeds...


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