Thursday 23 July 2015

Summer Hols - Day 1

 Hello folks :-)
Thank you for all your comments on my last posts - I've now been able to read them and reply! All I needed was time. Now I've broken up, I've got some!
It's actually Day 2 now, but I'll try to blog about it tomorrow! I've much planned. Woke at 6. Made the HG lunch and packed him off to work. I've already been in blogland for thirty minutes and I've big plans for today - I'll do show n tell tomorrow!

So what did I do on my first day of freedom?
Well, I went to work!!

I had a little bit of illicit photocopying to do. I had to move out of my old class into my new one - it didn't take long, as I'd downsized a lot of my files last year when I left Y6! I'd emails to trawl through and action. There were quite a few of us in work, and I was nice to have a lazy coffee break at about 10.30am with everyone without being called upon for First Aid and the end of playtime bell! I will just need to pop in on Friday morning to help the School Bursar fill in a Lottery Bid application for a new outside classroom.

When I got home, I bottomed the lounge. Skirtings, carpet edges, light fittings, fireplace and put a few bits n bobs away here and there. Made pork chops, mash n veg for tea. Ate one of the chocolates I got from school.

I was so lucky to be given lots of gifts by the children and their parents. It makes you feel really appreciated. A little embarrassed and humble though, because it's not why I do my job. My favourite gifts are always the handmade cards and gifts. Though one family, who I know has absolutely nothing, had bought me a little diary and some chocolate with money they don't have to spare. It made me so teary. I thanked the Mum and said I didn't expect anything at all but it was so lovely of her. She told me that she was so grateful for the way I've helped her child this year, that she couldn't thank me enough and that she was thrilled to bits, that I was moving up with the class next year. That little conversation was the best gift ever. I do this job, in order to try and make a difference. When that happens, it's magic.

Here are a few quotes from my cards...
" thank you for making me smile everyday"
"Thank you for all your help"
" You have been fun and interesting"
" thank you a lot for all your hard work "
" your grate" ( made me chuckle!!!!! )

Right, it's 7.25am and I need to make a start on today. I've so much to share though!! I'll leave you with a few photos of stuff ....
This was one of the gardens at castle Howard. It's what I'm trying for. It'd be PERFECT in my garden.... However...
LOOK AT WHAT THE BLOODY SLUGS/SNAILS DID OVERNIGHT to my starter purple delphinium border. War has been started. I went all out with slug pellets I'm afraid. 
I don't know what this one is but the flowers are just beautiful. 
One of the poshest potties I've ever seen! 

...and a hilarious snippet of conversation I overheard between some of my favourite characters in my class.

We were on a minibus on a little trip out with this group. They were talking about all sorts.

Child 1: ( pointing out the window ) Hey look, there's the old people centre. My Gran's in there. ( retirement home )
Child 2:( chirpily )  I've got two grandads. My mum's dad and my mum's dad's dad.
Child 3: ( sadly ) I had two grandads but I've only got one now.
Child 2: How? How can you have two then just have one?
Child 3: ( matter of fact ) One died.
Child 2: Oh.
Me to child 2. It's always nicer to say 'I'm sorry to hear that'  than 'Oh'
Child 2: I'm sorry to hear that Child 3.
Child 3: It's ok, he was old. You get old. You die. It happens.
Child 4: ( Piping up from the back seat ) Hey child 2, you haven't actually got two Grandads.
Child 2: ( angrily ) YES I HAVE
Child 4: No, you've actually got a Grandad - that's your Mum's Dad, but your Mum's Dad's Dad is really your Great Grandad.
Child 2: ( thinks )
Me: Well done Child 4, that's correct.
Child 2: Wait Child 4, you are right! He really is a great grandad - he always buys me ice cream!!!!!!!

 7.37am now!!

Back tomorrow, lots of love from

Rachel *fun and interesting* Radiostar xxx


  1. I chuckled all the way through this entry! School is lovely without the children!!!
    I fear delphiniums are a great come hither for the slugs. I have one and it is surrounded by slug pellets. Sad but . . .

    I agree with you - it's the comments in the cards and the things they say to you that mean the most. I treasure them all.
    Have a good day today
    J x

    1. I think the blue slug pellets look pretty amongst my blue pots!!

  2. Kids are great aren't they? Loving your Delph border.... xx

    1. HMMM THINK YOU MEAN castle Howard's Delph border lol x

  3. The delph border is stunning, now that I am working on decimating the slug population here I may risk a plant or three next year.


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