Friday 23 January 2015

Feeling hot hot hot!

Not due to the weather - it's chuffing freezing. Although the plus is gorgeous, clear blue sky. 

It was due to the Hairy Dieters Bikers chaps. Noo, not because I find them attractive in *that* way,  my onscreen husband, Mr Ray sexypants Winstone would not like it: indeed neither would my rockstar husband Mr Brandon *sigh* Flowers, ( who knew I was a serial bigamist! ) it was of course their wonderful chicken biryani recipe.
Eeeee it's spiceh!! Lips aflame, mouth like a furnace, there was talk of worry for the morning.......

I discussed this with a chum who is also an expert HB recipe follower. Now, compared to her, I am a massive girl when it comes to spicy hot food. She likes the flames out of the ears effect. Naturally she was sympathetic to my plight as one would expect from a friend....yes, she laughed her head off at me . Then confessed to always halving the amount of chilli in their recipes.
It made five decent sized bowls of 380calories of yumminess. Please excuse the sloppy appearance. I'd been poking around in it. There are ten cardomom pods and six cloves in this recipe. I loathe biting into a cardomom pod. Also, using a basmati/wild rice mix was a bit dim too, as the black rice grains, look EXACTLY like cloves. So, next time, I will halve the amount of chilli, and tie the cardomom and cloves in a bit of muslim! 

What else  have I been up to? Well, loads actually. It's Tax Return time for the HG. His part is putting all the receipts in the one place. My part is the book keeping bit. Actually, last year, I vowed to make it easier, by doing the books once a month. So when I sat down last Saturday, I of course, bitterly regretted breaking my vow!!

The 'loads actually' I refer to in the above paragraph include millions of non jobs that needed doing. Everything that I could do to put off starting the paperwork. I tidied the bookcase in the dining room for example. I changed my bed for the second time this week. I. Ironed! I faffed around in the kitchen. I looked out of the window pictured above. A lot. Etc etc.when. Finally made myself get sat down and start. I discovered that the Bank Statement for Oct/Nov 2013 was missing. Where was it? I hunted it down like a caveman desperate for a chunk of T Rex steak. The magazine rack was inadvertently tidied. The HG's junk draw at the side of his chair - he will protest about the word 'junk' was tidied, The huge underbed box of household filing was gone through. ( I'd tidied that in Summer ). All of the areas it could have been, were searched. To no avail. Gone.  Yes, the HG could register for online banking, but that letter was missing too. Besides, the HG was out! Giving me space and peace and quiet to do the accounts. I may have used the opportunity to watch an episode of Lost...

Worry ye not, the accounts are now sorted. I've started a new fluffy teddy for my niece who had very jealous eyes for Harry's fluffy teddy. I've not done any baking as I'm trying my bestest not to eat any baking! I do describe myself as round and squishy in the profiley bit on my blog page, however I think I could quite truthfully change the words to 'positively spherical' right now!
( Thanks Google Images! ) 
None of us are big boned! 

Another week of January draws to a close bringing me a week closer to

Feb half term!!!!
Peter Kay in Feb
The teen turning 18 in April
The uni one finishing uni in June
The uni one turning 21 in June
Me, turning *28* in June ( eternally so )
A Level results angst ALL summer round two
The uni one coming back home
Sending my baby boy off to uni

 I sooooo did not plan that very well at all!!! A very expensive 'coming of age' year and one back, one gone! My craft room is going to have to wait......

Or did I plan it PERFECTLY?! I will not be childless!
The uni one already said that she would come home for a bit to fill the needy parent wants a child gap , before she flies off to the other side of the world.

Well I best sign this off before another week has flown...What are you closer to this week?

Love from an Eternally 28 year old Rachel 'Procrastinator Extraordinaire' Radiostar xxx
( I'm blogging instead of getting ready for work!)


  1. Hi Rachel first time I've popped over to say hello from visiting with Bridgett. Love this post had me in stitches thank you for brightening my day.


    1. Oop hello lovely new reader x hope I don't disappoint!

  2. Your post made me giggle, we had the HB Chicken Tikka during the week & it was lovely. I will definitely give the Biryani a try. Love your list I have a child finishing uni & turning 21 in June too. Also a husband turning 50 precisely 4 weeks before Christmas, pity his birth wasn't planned a bit earlier all those years ago. x

    1. How dare these children finish Uni so soon! Don't know about yours but mines semesters seem very very short! I think she is genuinely heartbroken at her Uni days being done!

  3. Great post Rach, you always have a habit of raising a smile, even in the most grumpy mood I can be found in! What am I getting to this week?
    Being 50 in May (gawd help me)
    A pond in the garden (should read..a bigger pond)
    Knees that work
    A bloody holiday
    Oh and not forgetting ..World domination

    That covers it I think

  4. Great post. My husband does his own tax returns (thank goodness) OMG that google image. If that is not a kick up the bum what is. (note to self - get your act together and get some of them bones out of hiding). That list looks painfully expensive - good luck with it.

  5. Aww thanks Carol x I love it when you stop by :-)
    I'll be living on ( slimline ) smart price beans on toast for the foreseeable!!


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